Top Trends Design in Online Casino Gaming

Over the course of a few years, online casino gaming has exhibited various positive transformations that revolve around advancements in technology. Complete areas of the industry have been overrun by contemporary design trends such as cryptocurrencies and mobile gaming capabilities to push the huge industry even higher. Discussions are always underway, looking at evolutions in player behavior and technology while analyzing ideas for adoption or trend design direction hints.

Top trends design in online casino gaming that is worth watching include

Live table game increase

The division between online casino gaming and the land-based offerings is at most blurred by the availability of live table games. These are a slight variation of the tables set in brick and mortar casinos in that they are remotely broadcast in real-time to punters in locations around the world. The only thing static within this setup is the live table dealers who moderate the games, and design trends in software and hardware components for willing online participants.

Game developers like net entertainment and evolution gaming have developed their portfolios for live table games such as blackjack, Texas Hold’em poker, roulette, and baccarat. 

VR gaming trends

A virtual reality gaming trend involves the simulation of entertaining settings generated by computer software with avatars in place of dealers. Online casino gaming has given VR a shot and are quickly upgrading their tables games to create a uniquely appealing new way of gambling, aided by the dynamics of live environment simulation and computer-generated games. The only downside to this trend design is the unavailability of online casino games that do not require special VR headsets and devices to play, and developers were in a race last year to succeed in these endeavors.

In-depth 3D slot machines

Video slot machines on some major online casino gaming platforms have been infiltrated by 3D graphics, renewing interest in the games. For years, video slots players were growing weary of the flat game designs that were being recycled across the online casino gaming sector, but the last two years have seen 3D take them to the next level. This incorporation of superb animation, slots role play, and breathtaking graphics is an inviting way to keep punters working their ways through multiple levels and bonus plays.

With 3D animation and online interaction being the way forward for online slot machines, this looks to be a future trend design that will impact casino gaming.

Progressive jackpots

There are bigger and better progressive jackpots available across the online casino gaming platforms coupled with various special offers that complement the gambling fun. Huge numbers of players are being attracted to the online casino front due to the availability of bonuses that progress into mega jackpots for committed punters. Currently, there’s no comparison between the jackpots that happen in land-based Vegas-style casinos, and the progressive jackpots being offered by the online gambling providers.

Liberal online casino regulation

More national governments and international casino regulators are adopting a liberal stance in their online gambling restrictions, and only a few jurisdictions remain unmoved. A much more open approach to online gambling operations licensing and regulation has seen countries like Sweden or Finland seek out international casino providers for their domestic markets. Others are seeking to break up the monopolies that some online casino regulators have enjoyed for years, and taxes for licenses are being made investor-friendly.

Due to the amount of revenue to be had from online casino gambling, places like the Philippines, Japan, and Macau have relaxed their earlier bans. There is currently a ripe US and Canadian casino market that has been spurred by the Latin American online gambling craze, and investors are falling over themselves to launch services there.


The changes to regulation will impact online casino gambling profoundly from here moving on, encouraging the B2B segment of the industry towards unstoppable growth. Established online casino gaming creation studios are now forming independent brands to develop content for these parent companies, and this level of projects will shift the trend designs for years to come.

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