Top Designing Predictions of 2017

Design trends form a vigorous part of the ecosystem in which we create our design work. The trends of the design are determined by popular culture, rising technologies, and trends of fashions. The design world changes year after year and gets updated from time to time. I would like to predict some top designing trends and patterns. All these patterns will be useful for a website designer and owner as it will be based on latest trends.

  • Branding and Campaigns


Branding and Campaigns play the prominent role in designing predictions. Quality marketing is required for quality branding. I believe branding is an interaction between available mediums i. e. both online and physical. The brands that are significant, workable and lucrative meet the local and individual needs of the masses. Nowadays people look for the honest, unique and globally conscious brands to follow. For campaigning the brand, companies may emphasis on how their brands’ personalities will patent more richly across various channels. There is the growing rise in startup culture and entrepreneurship. So branding and campaigns find the important place in awareness as people use social media platforms to cultivate personal brands and small entrepreneurship.

  • Digital Experiences

The design has become vital in our lives. People expect how things should work.   Teens are eager to know about the upcoming latest designs. Snapchat provides digital experience of the designing to the individuals. Mobile has occupied the important position in the digital world. On mobiles more and more UI’s will be powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The primary UI will be messaging apps. The new trends will be exploded by the e-commerce.

  • Web Design

The digital lifestyle, new advances in CSS and prototyping software will play the immense role in designing. People are more excited about the new and unique experience. Designers will fill the blank canvas on the web in the upcoming time. The new upcoming designing trends will be useful for a website designer. They will have the purpose for designing. All the planning before designing will be done and mobile friendliness will make websites easy to operate.

  • Tools for designers

Improvement in tools for designers and teams will be seen in 2017. Sketch has played the role of the excellent tool in designing. The designer’s design with proficiency for a multitude of screen sizes through the sketch.

  • Animation and Motion Graphics


Both animation and motion graphics have become a crucial part of a designer’s creative options due to growing technology. Various programs such as after effects and coding languages such as HTML5 and CSS3 come to mind whenever a designer thinks of moving a graphic. To create specialized AE-style, HTML5 is quickly exceeding its ability.  If we wish to make something beautiful then it will be going to happen.

  • Business and design

The creative professionals taught how to solve the creative portion of the client’s problem. The clever integration will set the very best design work. Analytical thinking, competitive strategy and marketing tactics play the vital role in designing predictions. The common denominator among the creative and business persons is communication. In my opinion, things should be expressed in novel ways. Data plays a larger role in approaching designs. Designers are asked to test their own assumption and analytics how their thinking converts to results. A call-to-action and unique URLs are added so that a reader will follow through. It is a digital element on a physical asset.

  • Elevation of design


In 2017, there might be more minimal design and geometric solid shape logos being used. I can see the rise of serif and retro. I can even predict typography. The more dimensional the pattern can be and you can have the more muted dark tone with a spot bright color. We are in a design golden age and see vast improvements to customer understanding.

  • Virtual Reality

The hyper – talented teams and individuals are diving full force to create the useful thing. I predict that designs in VR will begin to take shape and I am excited to see who will be the first to get an opportunity to build platforms. In recent years practical experimentation has been observed with VR, AR, and MR. May be people will get together due to the trend of mobile browsing over desktop browsing.

  • Motion


People will be attracted with motion. Designers should incorporate movement into their work. A trace of animation is used to bring life to design. Both graphics and animation provide pleasure and attraction to viewer’s eyes.

  • Pattern and Texture

Designers can be motivated from patterns and textures. The patterns of combining stripes and florals, creating silken or stony looking textures are boundless. Pop art will be used in the design trends. May be we will see Warhol-esque design elements in 2017.

  • Minimalism


The design that strikes the right balance is known as minimalist designs. The idea “ less is more” comes with minimalism designs. Simple piece catches attention and becomes interesting. Bold and vibrant colors attract the viewer. They are too appealing that it seems we will continue to see them in the upcoming year.

  • Monochromatic with a Pop

In monochromatic, color is one the most important aspects of design. A designer can create a beautiful design by using a monochromatic color scheme. If a little extra flavor is added to it then it will create interest among viewers.

  • Illustration

Designers will create designs that are personalized. Illustrations that aren’t in the picture anymore will be highlighted in the upcoming year. Customers are getting more involved in personal and reliable relationships with businesses.


I have mentioned all the above points which I think the designing world will follow in 2017. In my opinion, designers will pay attention to motion graphics, pattern, and texture. As design always changes so in 2017, we will see the change in design with new technology.


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