Top 6 Magento Product Designer Extensions Reviewed

To keep offering the latest products in the best possible and innovative way is the road to success for any e-commerce business. Since competition is getting intense in the ecommerce industry, business owners have to come up with innovative ways to make their stores attractive to customers.

Product personalization is one such way you can offer unique value proposition to your customers. If you have a Magento store, you can also offer personalized products to your customers without going through much hassle. All you need to do is to invest in a capable product designer extension. Although you will find many such extensions in the market only a handful will live up to the quality standards required for a successful web-to-print store.

In this blog we have listed down 6 of the best Magento product designer extensions that offer the best features in the niche.



Inkxe is an advanced product designer for the ecommerce industry. It not only supports print items but can also be configured for screen, DTG, sublimations, embroidery, and other printing methods whichever is required by the Magento store. Since it offers such a wide variety of printing methods popular in the market, it is preferred mostly by businesses dealing in a large variety of products in the personalized niche. Another feature that counts is that it enables the customer to create powerful graphics swiftly. It can be adapted by any kind of business, the limitation is that it is an on-premise independent product customizer and doesn’t support the cloud concept.

Brush Your Ideas



Brush Your Ideas is a HTML based product designer solution for Magento stores. Among other attractive features, it gets brownie points for its flexibility. One of the most sophisticated product designers available for Magento sites; it helps to create a unique selling point for the stores. It makes product designing fun for the customers by providing fun features like different font designs, masking effects, and loads of other features. There’s also an option to provide readymade templates for customers who aren’t willing to spend much time and efforts on the designing. Brush Your Ideas enables your customers to add multiple designs on the same side of the product and once they are done with designing the product, they can apply the design to other products and check if they would like to buy another one too.

Design N Buy


Design N Buy, a corporate product designing tool, is much known for its compliance to both B2B and B2C businesses. The uniqueness of the tool is that it allows a business to build multiple online personalized items stores with a central admin profile. Along with, you get responsive workability and need no upfront investment. You can either go for a separate corporate store for your corporate clients or create a vast marketplace for designers and resellers dealing in personalized products.



Pixopa makes it next to the list of best product designers by going a step ahead providing services for large- format printing, prepress, and offset print providers. It is based on HTML5 and a fully customizable user interface. It offers image filters and various other editing features for the customers to design their products. Using this product designer tool, customers can take pictures directly from their social media accounts and use them for their customizable products. It’s works well for multilingual sites as well.



OnPrintShop is a B2B product designer solution providing quality services in its particular forte. With advanced online technology, OnPrintShop also facilitates third party integration. If you want to manage multiple stores under a central admin panel, it works perfectly for you. What’s popular about the product is the workflow automation/integration and online VDP solution.

GoMage Product Designer


GoMage Product Designer makes it to the list for the number of options it has to provide for the product customization. The customer can select the size of the product and design his product accordingly. It also provides clip arts to paste on existing or uploaded images by the customers. The functionality of the product includes custom designing pricing configuration and a responsive design. The product designer also lets the customer retrieve their designs for re-ordering, hence creating more opportunity of sales for the store.

All these product designer tools can add a dash of unique features to your ecommerce store giving you a competitive advantage that would not be easy to replicate. You also get a chance to generate additional revenue by charging extra for custom prints. Which extension you go with ultimately depends both on your requirements and budget. But whichever of the above products you choose, it will be an investment worth making.

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