Tips on How to Design an Outstanding Website

Today we will talk about how online casino site should look like for Australian players. We will take as an example website.

Creating your own site for online gambling Australia is actually the second option for earning in this niche. First option is to make gambling related site with reviews of online casinos and the second is actual online casino site. Although, of course, it’s more difficult to attract traffic to casino site because classic SEO is fading into the background.

It is not difficult to guess from the design of, that the creators of this site focused on the dark colors. Casinonic website has more than 2000+ different games, including AztecGold, Gonzo’s Quest, Ghost Pirates and so on. It also should be noted that all presented games on the Casinonic website have similar dark-schemed design as well.

If you look closely at, you can immediately notice the following nuances which were made good but still could be improved:

  • The domain is associated with the casino as a brand;
  • The logo contains the name of the casino;
  • The structure and style of the template is similar to many other gaming sites: the same icons, graphic elements are used;

There are “Play” and “Demo” links for each pokie machine. By clicking on the first one, the visitor immediately gets to the registration on the casino website, and on the second one goes to the page with the built-in game.

Game Pages on the Casinonic Australian Gambling Site

On the game page you will find its detailed descriptions, rules, advantages, information about bonuses, etc. This page can be used to attract traffic from a search engine, as sometimes players search directly for the name of the pokie machine. Actually, there is also a link to register in a casino as well (most of the casino designs made in the way of forceful impact on user to register).

Structure of the Web Page

Back to casino site. If you scroll the site to the very bottom, you will see thematic texts there. The structure of the page, in principle, is similar to online shopping – on the top there is information interesting to live visitors, and below is the content for search engines. You can create different pages with these or those requests in the style of “online gambling”, and further promote them.

Regarding the flaws of the project. As we understand it, this casino site was launched recently, so jambs are visible in some places. Firstly, the links for registration through social networks do not work, as well as some large registration buttons on secondary pages. The authors urgently need to correct this oversight, otherwise the transitions will go nowhere. Secondly, the latest news block is empty – if you plan such a project don’t make empty blocks which later won’t be used anyway.

In general, some ideas for your casino can be easily borrowed from any site, the main thing is to unify the content and graphics. If we talk about promotion, personally for me it’s easier to work with review sites, where everything is progressing almost as usual. Buying traffic and arbitrage is more difficult. More precisely, it is actually easier to implement, but in order to achieve positive results, you need to analyze, experiment and think.

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