Tips for an Exceptional Mobile App Icon Design

When we open Google Play or App Store to install an app, the first thing that we come across is the icon of the app, which we are going to install. Experts consider the mobile app icon design to be of an extreme significance because it not only denotes top-quality and extended usability but also conveys the message of efficiency and trust of the app.

It is found that applications are usually judged based on their icons, and a poor icon does not interest users no matter how worthy a particular app is. If you are planning to design an icon for your first mobile app, go through our tips to avoid common design mistakes and create exceptional mobile app icon design, which can serve as an extension of your brand:

Mobile App Icon Design 101

Adhere to the Guideline Requirements

Icons are not merely created to grab the attention, but are seen inside the graphical interface of a particular operating system. Their look should be natural to the interface and be compatible with other app icons and yet leave a unique effect. Therefore, before kicking off the mobile app icon design, you must get familiar with the following steps which have been suggested by top OS manufacturers:

  1. Have an idea about style, components, animation, layout, patterns, usability and download reference materials for designers.
  2. is the world’s most advanced mobile OS, which delivers everything you want to design engaging, unique and best-in-class apps.


It Should Communicate What It Is Meant For

Understand your product and convey the message you would like to communicate. What plays a crucial role in mobile app icon design is its color and graphics. It also determines what response your app will get. Therefore, you should ensure that they line up with your message.  You must pay heed to the value your app offers as well as the targeted audience.

In the effort to ascertain how your brand should interact, you must think over this question: “What will you do to make a kid understand your application?” This will give you a lot of ideas establishing the purpose of your app in easy terms as well as proves to be an amazing initial point for creating your brand’s mobile app icon. This method is often used to ensure company’s ‘elevator pitch’ which should always go with your branding.

Do Some Research Before Kicking Off

The ability to understand the current scenario is a great asset for a clever app designer and it clearly indicates to the comprehension where you become familiar with the ongoing activities in the app market as well as in the arena of design. Having an insight and assessing the development that has been formerly done in the markets plays a crucial role to attain this.  You can take the wise step to explore the stores of all the distinct operating systems, as there will be a difference in the design of an app’s provided edition depending on which device it has been created for.

Give Significance to Customer

Give significance to your customer if they suggest something because it is possible that the customer comes from the mobile app icon design background. Nevertheless, it is possible that they are completely new to the arena. Thus, the customer decides to outsource the designing firm to get outstanding results. However, the lack of technical knowledge on the customer’s part should not be the reason to not taking his suggestion seriously. We confront a problem when we try to merge a well-built, effective and user-friendly design.  Do not worry; creating this is not a big challenge.

Keep Details for the End

There are times when we try to improve each specific detail of the mobile app icon design. Sometimes details lie in the internal design of the android / iphone application itself. Nevertheless, going ahead in the same fashion may prove counter-productive.  If we focus on the details but then take a u-turn to the app’s central or chief idea after a while, spending time on small details will make no sense at all. It is recommended that you start with the app’s common design and get on the details after a while, once the idea is already been defined. For instance, explain a standard design first and then retouch it exceptionally to various application stores.


Besides the tips mentioned above, you can go through the following tips to have a better understanding of the subject.

  • Never go for a complex design
  • Rather go for something easy and self-explanatory
  • Improve your typography choice
  • Never decide upon the current trends alone etc.

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