One-Stop Design Solution for Branding Food, Household Items and More

“Personalization” is definitely one of the main buzz words nowadays. The need to personalize things is rapidly growing, so now we have young people creating their own unique footwear and clothes, customizing their food choices, personalizing their online video and music channels, and more. We all want to express our originality and authentic style. Finally, there is a one-stop design solution for branding anything you desire.

Software developers have long recognized the trend, so today we have some really neat tools, apps and online platforms that offer a design solution for branding. Labeley is among them – the free, multipurpose online label maker that allows users to make stickers from scratch and completely customize them. The beauty of this fairly new online tool is in its very sleek interface, lots of design features to choose from and the ability to upload any artwork from one’s computer, which enables users to create a 100% authentic sticker.

The tool is designed for users of any design skill level, so it’s really easy to use:

How To Use Labeley

1) Go to Labeley.

2) Click on Start Designing and choose one of the four categories (beer, wine, kids, general).

3) Select a shape from the gallery of shapes at the left.

4) After that choose any design element you want: border, background, graphic, text…

5) Upload any image from your computer if you want to personalize the label.

Labeley can be used to brand all sorts of products. For example:

Have Neat Homemade Cosmetics That Need Labeling?

Many people nowadays are choosing to “personalize” or rather create their own cosmetic products. That’s not an easy thing to do, because it requires serious knowledge of chemistry, the complicated process of creating certain types of beauty products, and availability of special ingredients that are needed for that particular procedure. However, they still rather make homemade cosmetics than buy existing products, because that is the safest way to really know what they’re putting on their hair, skin, lips, etc.

It is not easy to sell homemade cosmetics, because there are strict government regulations that need to be complied with. However, if you want to create beauty products for your own use, you can do that without following set rules. Once finished, you need to label the product with information on the ingredients used, best “use by” date, and some other details that you think would be useful to appear on the label. Labeley is a good choice for cosmetics labeling, because you can customize your label and make it as ornamental or as basic as you wish.

Brand Your Food and Beverage Products

Labeley is used mostly for food and beverage products. It originally started out as a beer label maker, but today it is more versatile. Similarly to cosmetics, food and drinks made for commercial use need to be labeled according to strict FDA and USDA regulations, but locally grown products which are not meant for interstate sale have more flexibility with labeling. Either way, Labeley is a great tool for this purpose, especially for beer and wine labels, because the software provides many neat graphics specifically for these two categories. For other types of food users can upload any appropriate image from their collection of photos. The advantage of using Labeley for this endeavor is in the fact that you control the design solution for branding.

You’re Organizing a Wedding. Or a Shower. Or Any Big Party

Labeley might as well be dubbed party labels creator, because it’s so much fun to use for creating beverage stickers, name tags, invitations, thank-you notes and other party necessities. Again, its main advantage is in the fact that you can personalize all your party stickers with it, and personalized party labels can really elevate the mood. If you’re organizing a shower for your friend, you can put her groom-to-be or her favorite movie star’s photo on the beverage bottles, or use your friends’ inside joke as text on the label.

The House Could Use Some Organizational Makeover

Labels also come in handy when organizing things in the kitchen, pantry, attic and anywhere else in the house. They can be applied to tech equipment, food packaging, toy bins, clothes baskets, etc. Item categorization using stickers can help you spend less time searching for stuff, and if you put some additional info on them, they can help you keep track of important stuff such as: how long you can keep food in the freezer, whether a certain clothing items can be washed with any other clothes in the washing machine, or needs to be handled separately with care, etc.

Kids Returning Home with Someone Else’s School Supplies?

One of the categories that appear after you click the Start Designing button is “kids”. As much as kids love applying stickers to their surroundings, parents love stickers even more, because they often help resolve many tricky situations. For example, when siblings have toys that look the same, it’s wise to label them and that way mark which toy is whose – this prevents many tiresome fights. Name labels are also very important in labeling school supplies, because without them kids often come home from school without their books, notebooks or with someone else’s belongings. Allergy labels for lunchboxes or some other school items are necessary for kids who have allergies, so that teachers and other kids would need to know about their condition. Labeley provides a lot of really neat graphics for the kids category, so kids can have fun, personalized stickers they’ll be proud to show off.

All the images used for this article were created via Labeley, and that’s only using the graphics and other design elements that are available within the software. The real personalization starts when you start uploading your own artwork or photos and start creating catchy text to go with the visual. Finally, the stickers can be saved as .png on your computer, saved in your Labeley account (if you create one), printed professionally or printed on your home printer. Lots of options, so better start checking them out!


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