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Create Infographic Design That Will Make a Lasting Impression

Infographic design is rising in popularity and more and more businesses are creating what can only be described as unstructured and unprofessional designs. Like any piece of design that your business uses it should be handled by a professional graphic designer.

Why Your Infographic Design Strategy Isn’t Working

Businesses are failing to use this type of design properly. For an infographic to be effective it should not be handled by just anyone in your business. Throwing some text and images together will not engage your audience and in fact, it may put them off of your business completely. The most common mistakes made in unprofessional infographic design is that they lack relevance and clarity.


For an infographic to work it must be relevant to your organisation. Just like a professional web designer would prepare a website it must have the right structure, theme, and graphics – which is difficult to get right if you are not trained in that aspect of design.

It says it in its name and infographic must be informative and benefit the user in some way.


Many content creators pack infographics full of unnecessary design just to fill in the blanks. This will not be beneficial to your business and in fact, it may look like you don’t know what you are talking about.

A clear, simple design can still be as effective as one packed with design features which do not have anything to do with the subject which is being discussed.

For an infographic to fulfill its purpose, the message its sending out should be clear. Users can get lost in the abundance of information which failed infographics.

Make A Connection Through Infographic Design

On a lighter note, an infographic is a great way to display aspects of your business’ personality, so have fun with it! Whatever tone your business wants to portray it can be done. The three most important things to remember when looking into infographic design are:

  • Is it memorable?
  • Is it informational?
  • Will my target audience understand it?

infographic design

Look at your infographics through the eyes of the user and be honest with yourself. If your infographic isn’t drawing your attention with a visual story then it probably isn’t capturing potential customers.

Are You Using Your Infographics Efficiently?

Designing your infographics to be eye-catching is one thing, however, getting them out there for the world to see is another. Infographic design is a wonderful medium for social media platforms as users love to share content!

Studies have shown that photos on Facebook get:

  • 53% more likes
  • 104% more comments
  • 84% more clicks

Similarly on Twitter, tweets that contain photos are re-tweeted 35% more than tweets without an image!

Platforms which throve on graphics and photography are also excellent platforms to show off your new designs! Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are the top three places to put your infographic designs as they are almost entirely image based. Take advantage of this and use hashtags to get your message across to users in the right places.

Not Using Infographic Design? You Should Be

We are scrolling past advertising, content, and figures every day, so what makes yours so important? Make your infographics more attractive by making them easy to understand, but they are also easier to remember.

The picture superiority effect suggests that humans are more likely to remember a concept when if it is presented with or as a picture. This is why many of us find the use of flash cards as an effective studying technique.

If you are bombarding your users with emails backed with text which has taken hours to write and edit, don’t bother. Studies have shown that when we hear information we will only remember around 10% of it just three days later. Presenting information with graphics is much more successful and we are estimated to picture they remember 65% 3 days later.

Even if you a hiring a professional infographic designer makes sure you are doing it for the right reasons. There should be a point behind these designs whether they are for social media or to be displayed at a meeting. If you are already using infographic design, you are one step ahead of your competition! Make sure you are sharing them with your network!

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