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Best Examples Of Editorial Designs To Inspire Your Creativity

You may have never realized it, but editorial designs combine the way information is presented in magazines, nooks, and newspapers in such a way to catch your eye.

Designing these mediums has become increasingly difficult and challenging as we have moved towards a more digital age. With that in mind, editorial designs have been adapted to fit different screen sizes and multiple platforms.

In fact, most digital publications convert nicely on tablets, phones, and even PCs.

If you know how to create a digital magazine, then your several steps ahead, but how important is the editorial design?

Let’s start with a few tips on how and why you need to focus on how to create editorial designs in a digital world.

Tips for the Digital World

When you’re looking at digital editorial designs, you need to ensure that your design is consistent. Although the idea is simple in context, being consistent can represent your brand.

Consistent doesn’t mean boring.

As a designer, you can still use a variety of techniques in a creative way.

Remember, you want your digital design to make the content stand out among the crowd. Change templates and give yourself the room to come up with creative ideas and innovative design.

The best digital editorial designs are also interactive, so keep that in mind when you’re designing your digital magazine.

Editorial Designs to Inspire Your Creativity

Each project comes with individual and unique issues that need to be overcome. By exploring other designs, you can find inspiration to go forth and create your own.

Here are some editorial designs made to get your creative juices flowing.

Tennis Tuesday

Tennis Tuesday is a sports magazine. They rely on using multimedia content, as well as insightful coverage of different athletes and matches.

The reason their content works so amazingly well is because they have video as well as interactive content. Their instructional step-throughs will even help you improve your personal game if you follow them.

Their navigation is also user-friendly and allows readers to jump along as needed to the sections that their readers want to see.

Crush Magazine

Crush tells the world all about food and lifestyles in their digital magazine. They have a fantastic understanding of how the digital world works.

They take photos, features, quotes, and other editorial content all while boosting the look to be perfect for online perusal. Their on-screen navigation is clear and easy to follow. On-page cues also help their readers to navigate the site relatively quickly.

Nothing makes food look better than having the right graphics and text to complement it. Crush brings the recipe for the food in question in an easy-to-read screen.

Their advertising is fun, too, so if you take a look at some of their choice advertising pieces, you’ll notice that they keep it fresh there as well.

e-motion Magazine

If you like cars, this is a fantastic digital publication for you to enjoy and possibly draw inspiration from. They aim to educate consumers as well as entertaining with news about cars and other editorial content.

This magazine is published by Peugeot, so you can expect to find their cars in their magazine, but they also encourage diversity. They go beyond just the automotive to discussing engineering and even art or design.

One of the best things about this site is the way that they have video content and interactive slideshows that you can go through at your convenience.

Additionally, they have a social share menu in their top level navigation to encourage social media interaction, too.

Time Out Eating and Drinking

Time Out magazine has also been fantastic in their design. It is visually impressive and very user-friendly.  There are text boxes, pop-ups, and other content that is relevant to their readers and still doesn’t make them feel bombarded.

Time Out also gives readers the options to explore other topics with boxes that include bars and restaurants that audience would enjoy.


Net-a-Porter has a unique position in their industry as they have worked to create an interactive magazine that offers easy-to-shop opportunities for their viewers.

As fashion brands can expect to benefit by using interactive magazines, Net-a-Porter is an excellent option for selling items on a given site.

The layout is functional and easy to navigate. What more can shoppers ask for?

The Watch Magazine

Did you ever think about looking at classy watches all day long in a magazine? The Watch Magazine supplies just that.

If you’re into accessories like watches, you’ll enjoy the highly luxurious feeling that you will get from scrolling through the pages in this magazine. The design here is also interactive and encourages social engagement organically.

As a bonus, The Watch Magazine also ensures their site links and buttons are easy to share as needed.

Top Banana

While the magazine might have a funny name, this digital magazine is geared towards the business sector.

Top Banana takes a different approach in their editorial design. They focus on fully indexable web pages in their interactive magazine.

Because they are designed like this, they drive SEO in a more organic way. The growth, in turn, moves your rankings up and further encouraging a higher engagement from potential consumers.


Topman magazine is a fashion magazine, but unlike other fashion magazines that tend to have a spread of material or editorials, they prefer to have themes.

In one issue, in particular, they called it the “Denim Issue” which prompted a focus on all things denim. They also used shades of blue on their interactive editorials to encourage a strong identity and character to their publication.

This is actually a great example of consistency to promote brand marketing because they are focused on creating regular themes and adjust their magazine to reflect those themes.

Sea Life Magazine

If you love to take the time to go on cruises or at least day dream about taking those kinds of trips, then Sea Life Magazine is the digital publication for you.

CruiseDeals UK runs Sea Life as a regular publication. Inside, you’ll find cruise news, offers, and even celebrity interviews that relate back to their brand.

This particular editorial design was developed to be an extension of the primary business behind it. The magazine provides entertainment and regular engagement, all while also giving users opportunities to save money on vacations of a lifetime.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum publishes a visually striking interactive magazine. Inside the magazine, readers will find information on upcoming events, workshops, and tours.

There are also links to other pages within the magazine, which encourage internal engagement. You want to have internal engagement because it means your viewers are staying on your site for a longer period of time.

Boots Health and Beauty Magazine

Boots has a monthly magazine that is full of articles that inspire engagement with their audience. They also like having interactive quizzes that viewers can take and get fun results.

The design is purposely engaging compared to otherwise static counterparts, and as a result, Boots can actually turn a simple consumer interest into a sale with just a click.

Something to keep in mind when deciding on your level of interactivity is the possibility of partnerships with other companies that may want to advertise with you.

Unlimited Magazine

If you like a mix of all things eclectic from music to lifestyles, this is the perfect magazine to look at for inspiration. They incorporate a ton of visual content to make their viewers want to look again.

They also encourage social media sharing by way of social networking profile buttons and other click-through features. The interactivity on this magazine is perfect for tablets or phones as their magazine is optimized for screens like that.

Shuffle Magazine

Holland has some of the best innovations when it comes to newer, edgy, and modern looks. Shuffle Magazine is no exception.

The digital magazine is designed with editorial creativity in everything from the dots that indicate popup texts to guest articles that their audience wants to hear about.

Shuffle knows how to make their material relevant to their readers, and they seem to do a great job with it, too.

My Volvo Magazine

As you probably guessed it, this magazine is published by Volvo, the automotive manufacturer. Their most recent release is full of vivid imagery.

My Volvo Magazine has rich video content that engages the viewer from the beginning. The magazine also has various articles that appeal to all types of interests.

This magazine also works beautifully across all screen sizes from your PC to your tablet to your phone. No matter where you open it, it looks great.

I AM CHEF Magazine

This magazine is published quarterly by Nestle. The graphics are vivid and draw your eyes as you read through the pages.

One of the great things about this magazine’s editorial design is the way content is kept short and to the point. It makes the content easy to read, which viewers appreciate, and at the same time offers valuable information.

The videos at regular intervals within the magazine are great, too, as they also encourage engagement from the audience.

Greater Venues

This magazine is a personal favorite just because of the initial animation that you see from the moment you click to go to the site. Greater Venues knows how to engage their audience right from the get-go.

Once you’re there, you’ve got several different pictures that make you feel as though you’re right there looking out over the different venues that Amsterdam has to offer.

Live E-Zine – UEFA Women’s Euro 2017

So this Live E-Zine may be in a language other than English, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

The fully interactive magazine has a wonderful editorial design. Bright colors, intuitive navigation, and easy-to-read articles combined with the occasional video make this a winning magazine.

The site also uses smart APIs which means that all of the stats that you read are always going to be up to date and current.

Creating Your Editorial Design

With so many images, colors, textures, and ideas, it can almost be overwhelming in developing your editorial design.

As you are making that choice, think about your audience and what would be meaningful to them.

If someone is reading up on Amsterdam, there are only a few reasons that would interest that person. The same thing applies to every other publication we have listed here.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to branch out and look at other publications you might normally skip over.

You may see that you find inspiration in the oddest of places.

As you get to know the design elements that you prefer to have, you’ll be better able to create your design to reflect the right personality. Take your time, ask questions, reflect on the answers, and you’ll be able to create your editorial design in no time.

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