Convert Your Visitors Into Prospective Customers With Eye-Catchy Call To Action

People spend maximum marketing efforts to drive visitors to your website. But, driving more visitors to website is pretty enough? Well, bringing quality visitors to your website is just the baby step. Once they arrive at your website then what’s next? Are those visitors converted into quality inbound leads? If the answer is “NO” then you need to implement some strong strategy for “Call to Action” of your website. Implementing strong CTA is significant so that visitors don’t leave your website without creating any kind of connection with your company.

What Is Exactly Call To Action?



Call to action is like an instruction that excites or provokes visitors to respond immediately to take some action. It is one of the key players that helps you to understand the user behaviors and plan your future strategy accordingly. It’s a method that guarantees visitors to perform some action on your website. One sure result that you can expect from this is a comprehensive database. Database regarding people that have performed some actions by clicking on contact or subscribe button. This database is highly significant especially in the case when you want to pop up new website. This is one of the best methods to gather data and also the important reason to incorporate CTA button in your website.

Why Call To Action Buttons Are Often Neglected ?

There are designers that fail to implement the CTA button. They neglect to understand the importance of this button. But, they are actually important to be designed in the website. After all, what we need is to invoke the visitors to perform some activity on the website.

It is quite essential to gain at least some primary information about color, language and all the other factors that create great impact on the conversion rate of CTA button. Yes, the concept is simple enough to implement but, you need to do bit planning to create the most efficient call to action button.

What Is The Purpose Of The Call To Action Button?



Call to action buttons leverages us with multiple functions. As the main purpose of CTA is to attract visitors to your website to do something, that “something” says a lot. We can relate that something with downloading some information, adding an item in shopping cart, subscribing newsletter, request quote and much more.

As the call to action, a button has multiple purpose, lot needs to be considered regarding what aim that CTA button want to accomplish. For that, site type, targeted audience, and desired action are the best key players that help in designing CTA button.

The “Why Not” Argument

Sometimes, there are no reasons that signify us to implement a call to action button on that particular product. But still, you can make use of CTA button by strategizing it properly to promote the product.

Let’s take an example of “weight shrinking tablets.” You have some left out stocks and want to sell it as soon as possible. Call to action can help you to work out with selling your left products. You can implement it like:

Hurry up! offer is available for limited time period only.

Order “ABC” product and get the freebies with it. So, what are you waiting for? Get the ABC product in $2 instead on $4 along with bonus goodies. Get the product now (CTA button) and get additional 2% discount.

Well, the price is the factor that easily catches visitors attention. But, this fundamental is not that good one for business so, it would be nice to ask “Why not” to apply it in business.

What Type Of Button Should Be Created For Best Call To Action Event?

1. Download Buttons:



Download buttons are generally designed to target users to download freebies, newsletters, study material, software or any other similar kinds of stuff. Such type of buttons contains more text as compared to others.

2. Shop Now/Add to Cart Button:

These type of button are specially designed keeping in mind e-commerce website. Majority call to action button are used in e-commerce websites to target majority sales and conversions from visitors. “Shop Now” or “Add to Cart” are one of the most prevalent choices for e-commerce owners. These buttons are generally positioned on the product pages where the only purpose is to attract customers to buy their products.

3. Sign-Up Buttons:



Sign up button comes in two different formats. First one is directly linked up with a signup form. The second one is same as of “Shop Now” button where users are redirected to signup form after activating any service or creating any account.

4. Know More/ Learn More Button:

These type of buttons are generally found at home page. These buttons are placed at the end of any blog introduction or any “scheme information” where it attracts visitor’s attention to click the button.

5. Selling Trial Button:



These type of buttons are generally used for particular product promotion. This “selling trial” button is kept to attract visitors to try the particular product for free. This can be anything like a free download of something or a free account to try out some features, depending on the product and the website. In such type of buttons, text can personalize as per designer’s choice.

These are some fewer types of call to action buttons. There may be situations when there are ample amount of white spaces left surrounding button. So, if you want your call to action button to be unique from the corresponding content then, use pleasant and contrasting color and sizes. It will pop the button out and make it clicked by users.

Now It’s Your Call

Though call to action methodology has changed with passing years but still, the goal remains the same. Hit the right message at right time in front of visitors and make them click. It’s hard to master with successful CTA conversions but there is no another alternative rather than testing. So, try and test! Make use of the above tips and solutions for a successful call to action implementation.

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