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Website Design Typography – The Do’s and Don’ts

The typography you use on your website plays a bigger role than you might imagine.  Using the proper typography ensures that visitors will see smoothly flowing text that is easy to view and read.  Using the wrong typography, at best, frustrates visitors, and at worst, makes them hit the X in the top right corner.  […]

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Typography Trends in Website Development Cater To 3D Effects

Standard Post Production Multimedia techniques are trending in Web Typography In motion pictures, animations, and multimedia productions, it is not uncommon to take the footage and add effects in post-production. From scrolling title sequences such as in Star Wars to masking and reveling techniques such as that used in Once Upon a Time, post-production has […]

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The Typography Lover’s Playing Cards

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘deck of cards?’ Probably not ‘typographer’s dream.’ Chris Cavill set about creating a deck of cards that would inspire typography lovers everywhere. If the latest reviews are any indication, he certainly hit his mark. [blockquote source=”Chris”]”Designed for individuals who like us who love beautiful typography and art. […]

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