How to Judge a Bad Client?

One thing all web designers are wary of is working with a bad client. A bad client doesn’t only mean one who doesn’t pay you on time but also one who creates unnecessary problems in the professional association. But in a world where there is intense competition among designers to source projects and outbid each…


The Story Behind 8 Graphic Design Magazines

Graphic design magazines have helped a lot of aspiring designers through the years. And since technology has brought in the convenience of online media and communication, magazines today have their own share of accessibility through the Internet. Today a lot of them have hosted their own websites endorsing their printed publication for everyone to read….


10 Unique And Creative Beverage Packaging Designs

Some of the coolest types of projects in the world of graphic design are package designs, and beverage packaging is perhaps the coolest of all.  Not only do designers get to showcase their artistic talents, they are challenged to do so in a way that facilitates function.  After all, beverage packages are also liquid containers…