How to design metal business cards:

Metal is the material used to make business cards. Metal is typically hard which is hard, shiny, fusible and ductile. This material is used because it has good electrical and thermal conductivity.  The most important thing while choosing material depend upon budget and personal aesthetic. This process of making metal business cards is very difficult… Continue reading How to design metal business cards:

Professional Business Card Mockup Bundle (Freepik)

When sending final designs to clients, using mockups makes things look much more professional. Check out this business card mockup bundle by Freepik and Flaticon to showcase your designs in a whole new light. Clients will appreciate your work more if they can see it in real situations and not have to imagine it.  … Continue reading Professional Business Card Mockup Bundle (Freepik)

Exclusive Free Bundle Of 60 Useful Business Card Templates

The business card is the first thing that is exchanged when meeting a new potential client or business contact. Even in new world of digital media, the business card is still an important piece of initial exchange in the world of commerce. Lately, I have noticed that many business cards are being designed with a… Continue reading Exclusive Free Bundle Of 60 Useful Business Card Templates

12 Free Business Card Mockups

I’ve seen too many mundane white business cards with maybe just a logo and some information on it. Even some large organizations don’t have a care in the world about the particular “aesthetics” of their business cards. Maybe they think that the time, cost, and efforts on the design do not make any difference.

10 Business Cards You Wish Were Yours

Is your business card bland an uninspiring? Does your business card motivate customers to call you, or does it end up in File 13? Do you wish you had a better business card design, but you’re not sure where to start? No worries – you can find inspiration in the following 10 business card designs.… Continue reading 10 Business Cards You Wish Were Yours

Business Card Design Inspiration

One of the great things about writing posts on business cards is that there is no shortage of great business card designs. Talented graphic artists are coming up with new brilliant designs every day. In this post you will see business card designs ranging from really creative to very simple and slick. I hope that these business card designs… Continue reading Business Card Design Inspiration