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After many months of preparation, we are finally ready to launch our blog dedicated to designers! Our goal is to deliver to our design community the cutting edge techniques and current trends in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and 3D Studio Max; just to name a few. These ideas will be conveyed through thoughtful exchange of technique & artwork from our team and our readers. We will feature a wide range of articles, tutorials, freebies, resources and inspirational pieces that will arm you with all the coolest design tips and tricks for your next project.

What to expect?
At this moment, we have come up with an array of articles that we think will interest those looking to be inspired or bring their latest work in progress to the next level…stay tuned!

How can you benefit and share with designrfix.com?
As designers, we are always scouring the Internet for cool textures, fabulous brushes, Photoshop tutorials, icons, fonts and all other sorts of design freebies that will keep our work exciting and fresh. Our blog will showcase and provide readers with these amazing freebies that can be downloaded either right here at designrfix.com or from the source website.

Also, if you have any relevant articles that you would like to suggest or saw something worth sharing with the our design community, you may submit it to our news section. https://designrfix.com/category/news/

How do you stay updated with designrfix.com?
We have many ways that you can stay updated with everything happening here at Designrfix.com. We are always interested in connecting with new people that are willing to share their findings and help us raise the bar of design to the next level. You can subscribe or follow us on any of the feeds or sites listed below.

1.Rss feeds ( only Designrfix.com articles )
2.Rss feeds ( only Community news articles )

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We at designrfix.com are very excited. We hope that you will come back and become involved in our community whose mission’s intent is evolving the art.

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