Web Development Trends that will Dominate the Year 2017 and Beyond

For more than a decade now the web is continuing to invade every area of our daily lives. From professional workplaces to home entertainment, to on the go help to our connected automobiles,  the web invaded almost everywhere. Naturally, web development is subject to much interest from all stakeholders. While businesses want it to help business conversion, this website development company find the heat of competition when it comes to engaging audience. The end users continue to expect it to be more easy to use, fast paced and quick delivering. Here are some trends that will dominate 2017 and beyond.

1. AI-powered web


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Artificial intelligence (AI) for some time now is being the invisible key behind many high-tech innovations and apps. Not surprisingly, AI now is a powerful constituent of the modern web as well. The world’s biggest tech companies including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are already on their move to publish AI based interfaces to be used by the public. Though through search engine results we already see the utilization of Artificial Intelligence, in the time to come it can be more rigorously incorporated into web interfaces and apps of all types. Soon, we can see pre-programmed algorithms are helping us to bypass web development mistakes.

2. Minimalist design


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Minimalist design focusing on the sheer purposiveness if a web interface has already become a major design trend attracting many designers and developers and being well received by the users worldwide. A website design centered purely around user input serves to the user requirements and purposes. The best thing about minimalist design is it is faster to load and offers a much-focused user experience.

The difference of resolution across devices is best addressed by a web page designed with minimalist elements making it less likely to look different across screens. This is why the minimalist design works great for multiple device interfaces.

3. Web developers playing bigger role for Internet of Things devices


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Internet of things represents a connected reality of devices and apps. Now from your toaster ,kettle , TV , office automation systems, to car sound systems, all can be connected to your mobile device or can be connected among themselves through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. To unleash the benefits of Internet of Things without the obstacles and concerns is a challenge faced by devices as well as web-based apps and web developers will increasingly have a positive and bigger role to play in it.  The web development experience will particularly play a key role in safeguarding the security elements of IOT devices.

4. A visual mix boosting the UX


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No longer as a web browser you get excited about seeing images and videos, right? Well, the science of making us feel quickly drawn to a thing or a place of interest is still the subject of widespread attention among developers and designers. But all designers agree that it is the right mixture of visuals that makes the perfect sense than a biased approach for any particular object of any kind. GIFs going mainstream thanks to social media pages now is being used increasingly by websites. Animation used contextually are also highly effective to create an impressive effect on users. Lastly, graffiti and typical storytelling sketches and drawings are increasingly becoming popular as unique visuals for the web. All these together make the right visual mix that makes the web more enjoyable for the audience of 2017.

5. Designing web experience rather than just look


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Instead of look designers are more concerned now about the user interaction and engagement.  Well, this is precisely why designers of the future time will focus more on creating web experience rather than the just outward appearance of a website. To create a standout experience the designers can take help of various conventions by the success will depend on how the design purposefully engages the user and help to convert business, leads or more traffic.

For instance, Parallax Scrolling is great for a storytelling effect. Just by making the background scrolling at a different rate than the foreground it can tell a story vividly and better. It can create quick engagement if used in landing pages. Similarly, to give a little attractive twist to your visual besides explaining something, cinemagraphs can be used. Cinemagraphs are actually images with a little moving element within them.


Just like every year, we can see more twists and turns in web design this year. Most notably, the virtual reality can really offer some interesting twists to the web development of 2017. Although there are many trends in web development, here are some of the most notable ones.

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