SEO Mistakes that may Damage Websites

In a world of advancing digital innovations and technology, the struggle to keep up with the changes and trends of online platforms remains a challenge to web developers. Apart from the technical issues and glitch that comes with maintaining a website, SEO optimization ranks top of the list of concerns for web developers.

One thing is knowing the problems facing your website, and the other is being able to solve those problems, especially when it has to do with SEO.

Just like every other technical aspect of the digital world, there are do’s and don’ts to the art of SEO that ensure that your website is free from mistakes and performs optimally.

Whether you are a beginner with little to no knowledge of website development or a pro, this article will show you the most common SEO website mistakes to watch out for in 2020.


This is the most prevalent mistake made by most web developers, including professionals. The most technical and critical issues that could affect the SEO position of a website are most times linked to the HTTP.

The most common of this error is the Error 404 (page not found), which displays on the browser or search engine. This error is mostly related to an interruption in a dialogue between the user and the website.

Server issues, on the other hand, will affect the traffic and engagement on your site. This mistake will not only defeat the purpose of the website in the long run but also affect your Google rankings

Common Mistakes/Errors that affect HTTP status

  • 4xx error codes

Unlike the 404 Error code, the 4xx error code is an indication that a page on your website is broken or cannot be reached. While this is mostly linked to a connection error, the real issue is with the server and HTTP status.

  • Pages not crawled

This error occurs when your website has a short response time, most likely 5 seconds, or your server does not allow access to the page.

  • Broken internal links

Sometimes when you follow an internal link, it is meant to redirect you to a site. However, there is a possibility that the user/browser will be redirected to a non-functional page, which can damage the UX and SEO of the website.

  • Broken external link

This is somewhat like the previous one, but in this case, a broken external link on a website will send users to a webpage that does not exist on a completely different website. This error does not only affect the traffic and engagement of your site but also sends a negative signal to search engines, thereby affecting your ranking on SERPs.

  • Broken internal images

This is another known error that web developers make. It happens when the URL of a picture is misspelled. It could also occur if the web developer has deleted the image without removing the link.


Meta tags are essential tools in the art and culture of SEO. They help search engines identify what your subject matter is and how they can be aligned with keywords and phrases that pop up as search results.

Many web developers do not understand the importance of meta tags. Some, however, know about it but do not know how to utilize it on their website correctly.

Meta tags should be as uniquely structured as possible if not, Google will generate one automatically for you, and this can lead to mismatched search terms and results.

  • Poor use of Keywords

A correctly optimized Meta tag should include relevant keywords relating to the service your website provides. Many web developers, however, stuff their Meta tags with keywords that rank high on Google without connecting it to their website service.

  • Poor Structured Meta tags

An organized and optimized Meta tag should not only include the right keywords but should be structured correctly and as precisely as possible. Lengthy meta tags are most likely to include wordy sentences that confuse search engines.

  • Duplicate Title Tags and Meta description

Repetition and duplicated words should be avoided as much as possible. Search engines work perfectly with unique titles and descriptions. With two or more pages with the same or slightly related titles and description can mix up the search and ranking of the website

  • Missing H1 tags

Just like a Meta tag, H1 tags help search engines to determine vital information from your website, key topics, and data for proper understanding. If you do not include an H1 tag, then Google may have a hard time ranking your site.

  • Absence of ALT attributes

Alt attributes are features of a website a web developer surely must not omit. They help visually impaired people with a description of a relevant image. Its absence can lead to a loss of traffic and engagement.


Duplicate contents on a website can not only affect but ultimately damage your website’s search engine rankings. Unique contents with no plagiarism have a higher chance of ranking on Google compared to content copied from the site of a competitor or blog.

SEO content ranking is not just about search engines but also about your users. Contents should be unique to users, from descriptions to multiple pages, duplicated contents should be viewed in detail by a web developer to ensure that it is not the same as another site.

Common Duplication Errors on Websites

  • Duplicate Content

The duplication error occurs when your site is flagged for having the same or closely related URL as another.

Not only can your site be flagged, but it can lead to poor internal and external link optimization issues and damage user experience. Google will not rank a website with bad user experience.

  • Linking Issues

Many websites have weak links with a broken or under-optimized URL.

  • HTTP to HTTPS errors

Using these two URL types, interchangeably on different sites, could lead to an error 4xx.

  • Use of underscores in URL

While underscores are prevalent with social media handles and accounts, it reduces your chances of ranking high on search engine result pages. A hyphen is most advisable instead.

While there are more errors associated with poor SEO websites, most of them rally round the above-listed points and are interlinked with them. If you have any issues with the technical aspects of these common errors, you can always seek expertise from reputable firms like SEO Firm Sydney for a properly optimized website.

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