Most Popular: HTML5 Editors for Web Development

HTML5 has become one of the most popular programming languages among web developers and designers. Over the last few years, it has shown a tremendous growth in the web development sector. Well, there are plenty of reasons behind its popularity, and one of them is the user-friendly HTML5 editors. HTML5 offers an extensive range of editors that helps you create beautiful and interactive web pages and web apps in a matter of a few minutes.

Currently, there are two variations in HTML5 editors: browser based and standalone applications. Browser-based applications are incredible because they are compatible with majorly popular browsers and typically available if you are online. On the other side, Standalone applications don’t require an internet connection and one can install it on any computer. However, standalone applications are developed for particular operating systems such as Windows or Mac.

Today, in this blog post, we will light upon the five most powerful HTML5 editors that will help you in creating fully-functional web-based projects with ease.

Maqetta is a browser-based HTML5 editor that offers WYSIWYG visual authoring of HTML5 UI. The application is written in HTML, and therefore it runs in the browser, without the use of any third-party tools and plugins.

It allows web developers to create a beautiful web page – just by drawing, dragging-and-dropping the elements into a web page. Even editing a web page is a lot easier than creating. You can use a design mode or source code view to edit a web page.

It supports a wireframing feature that allows UI designers to draw a User Interface before they begin any coding. Plus, a theme editor enables the customization of the style of multiple types of widgets in a matter of a few clicks.

Aptana Studio 3 is one of the most traditional HTML5 application designed especially for web development projects. It is a web developer’s tool that comes with various advanced web technologies such as Python and Ruby that lets you develop a site or web app more effectively and efficiently.

Basically, it is a code-base HTML5 editor that helps you create Ruby, PHP, Python, and Rails based applications, along with in-depth HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is world’s most incredible tool designed particularly for web designers and front-end developers. It is a fantastic HTML5 editor that lets you create beautiful, modern and responsive websites in minutes.

A tool empowers you to create code and manages the content, design and functionality of a site with ease. It allows you to preview the changes in real-time on mobile phones and even extracts styles and assets from Photoshop comps directly into your web projects.

Overall, Adobe Dreamweaver supports multiple artboards to lets you create responsive sites by extracting design information and optimized images from Photoshop comps.

BlueGriffon is a new-generation WYSIWYG content editor which is the rendering engine of Firefox.

It is an ideal tool that helps you edit web pages with ease. It is free to download editor for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. Plus, it supports multiple languages to let you create the user-friendly site and web apps.

Furthermore, it provides web developers an intuitive user-interface that lets you create intriguing websites without even touching a single line of code.

Mercury is a feature-rich HTML5 editor that offers an extensive range of stunning features such as CKEditor, TinyMCE. It also includes a couple of advanced features for enhanced user experience. Rather than using iframes, it uses the HTML5 content editable features on a block system.

Plus, it comes with various predefined regions that will fulfill all of your content editing requirements with ease. It supports Full HTML regions, simple regions, markdown regions, custom regions, image regions and snippets regions to give more flexibility while developing a site or web app.

Bottom Line

Therefore, with the above list of five best HTML5 editors, developers and designers can easily bring innovation into their existing web development projects.

They can make use of HTML5 editors to create compelling, advanced and responsive web pages, without any complication and heavy lifting.

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