How to Maximize the Conversion Potential of Your Website

Many businesses with lead generation websites have a false sense of security, believing visitors will return to their sites again and again — and eventually convert when they need something.


As you will learn in the presentation below, 10 Ways to Make Your Lead Generation Website Convert on the First Visit, time is of the essence. After analyzing more than 300,000 online sales leads generated by Internet marketing campaigns, our agency uncovered a surprising fact:

Almost 85 percent of online sales leads came from first-time visitors.

 Reflect on that for just a moment. It turns out the vast majority of website visitors do not come back and convert; the website either grabs them the first time or not at all. Companies cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to CRO (conversion rate optimization).

The presentation is a compilation of the most important ways companies can improve the conversion power of their websites, and in most cases, implement the changes quickly and at reasonable or no cost.

Like any online marketing discipline, CRO requires technical expertise and experience. Perhaps one reason companies fall short on CRO is they haven’t tapped into the outside resources that know the territory. For instance:

  • Mobile web design

    (#10) is absolutely crucial to effective lead generation, but not something most companies are proficient in. This is why the eMarketeer mobile marketing service is so valuable — if your company can have a properly designed responsive website and integrate it with text campaigns and mobile apps, it will make a superior impression on mobile web users — and secure that conversion before the user even bothers to check out the competition.

  • High-powered imagery

    (#3) is another critical area of CRO difficult for a company to pull off in-house. But a professional who knows how to capture the essence of a product or capture the culture of an entire company in one close-up shot can turn indifferent website visitors into eager prospects. Hiring a pro carries a cost, but what are 5 or 10 or 100 additional customers worth?

Don’t let first-time visitors escape! Read the presentation now to help prevent it from happening:

First Visit Conversion Tips created by the professional seo services company Straight North

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