Amazing Logo Maker Tools to Create your Own Logo Designs

These days, companies pay a lot of attention when designing their logos. They want a design which is simple yet clever and easily identifiable by the target audience. They also prefer the logo to be reflective of the organization and what it has to offer. Designing a perfect logo isn’t child’s play which is why most people prefer to hire logo designers. However, thanks to the various logo maker tools now available, you can actually design your own logos without expert help. Want to know more about these tools? Take a look.

Adobe Illustrator

Packed with really powerful features, this vector designing tool enables you to create professional looking logos with complete ease. It comprises of a pixel grid which assists you in aligning your design the right way. There are advanced controls which allow you to create graphics any way you like. With an impressive number of drawing tools like different types of brushes, various colors, wide range of gradient effects and even a few tools for touching up your logo designs, creating a beautiful logo seems quite easy with Adobe Illustrator.

If you are a novice to logo designing, you may get perturbed with the various tools and controls that the Illustrator offers. However, it has a well etched control section and design templates that will guide you in your endeavor.


If you are looking for an economical logo designing tool, then Logomaker is the perfect choice for you. This tool provides you with a wide range of designing, editing and illustrating options. Once you register yourself with this software, you can design up to 6 logos for free. You need to pay a very nominal fee for the logos that you may design later. Boasting of an impressive tool library with different types of brushes to draw, color and add effects to a design, you can create a logo using this tool within a matter of a few minutes.

Corel Draw

Corel draw is a vector design tool which has been around for quite a long time now. Extremely easy to use, thanks to its uncomplicated tools for drawing and editing, you do not need any prior designing experience to create a stunning logo. It consists of user friendly tools like corel connect, power trace, photo paint and corel capture, which help in converting your ideas into perfect logos, easier and fun.

Laughing Bird

A rather easy to use logo designing tool, this does not require you to draw any designs. It has more than 200 templates and a bevy of graphic designs which you can drag and drop on to the canvas to come up with a unique design. It also offers you a wide range of font options, colors and effects to choose from and enhance your design. This tool is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Adobe Photoshop

Whether you are an expert designer or a novice, Adobe Photoshop is perfect for all when it comes to designing a logo. From creating complicated 3D designs to simple retouching work, you can use this tool for all purposes. The fact that it is extremely user friendly and offers assistance for the new users is what makes it popular among all. With a wide range of basic and advanced designing tools that allow you to add in textures and effects to your logo design, coming up with a beautiful logo would definitely not seem like a major task with Adobe Photoshop.

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio

A tad different from the traditional logo designing tools, Summitsoft has a large number of predesigned template examples which you can use to come up with a unique logo design. Creating an amazing logo becomes easier with its impressive collection of brushes, icons, tools and graphics. You can design professional logos using this software without worrying about going over budget, thanks to its affordable price.

Apple Motion

Created by Apple Inc. this logo creation tool actually helps you to incorporate motion effects in your logo. It also assists in adding 2D and 3D effects to a logo. With its impressive library of contents, coming up with an original stunning design is easy. Changing colors and other details is also made convenient with the various editing tools that it offers.

Quick Logo Designer

As the name indicates, you can design a perfect logo for your company very quickly by using this logo designer tool. With thousands of templates, hundreds of font styles and more than four thousand vector symbols, you easily create a logo design within no time. This is quite an economical tool and would fit right into your budget.

By using one of these logo designing tools, you can design a very professional looking logo yourself. So, go ahead and take a pick.

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