How to Optimize Your YouTube SEO

Video marketing has absolutely exploded in the last few years and for good reason. Most people prefer to consume information via video rather than read a lengthy blog post. YouTube has over 1 Billion users and has become the third-largest search engine so if it’s the best place for you to publish your videos.

In this guide, we break down exactly how to optimize your YouTube SEO.

Let’s dive in.

Optimize the Design of your Channel

The first impression is really important so make sure that your channel banner and logo make sense to the user. Your banner should clearly show what you do and what the user gets from watching your videos.

For example, if you’re Noah Kagan, a well-known marketer, you should put something about teaching your audience to make more money or convert more leads into customers. If you’re a lifestyle influencer you should mention which topics you cover in your videos and how often you publish.

Make sure that you include keywords or high-intent search words into your thumbnails. That means including words that the users will search for on YouTube. This is a strategy that’s good for both users and search engines because Google scans the text in your thumbnails and uses it to rank your video. And the user is more likely to click on your video if your thumbnail has text that’s relevant to them and their search.

Ok, now that you know about the design of your channel, let’s talk about the content.

Include relevant keywords

As with all SEO best practices, it’s important to include as many relevant keywords in your video descriptions and titles. YouTube prefers a description that’s a few paragraphs long and it’s really to your advantage if you could write 3-5 paragraphs and include all the various keywords that you need.

Pro Tip: repurpose these few paragraphs of each of your YouTube videos to create blog posts and post on your own blog as well as syndicate to other networks (LinkedIn articles, Medium, etc).

The title of your post is perhaps the most important element of your video for SEO. One strategy we see perform well time after time is looking up the most viewed videos of similar channels to get ideas for keywords and title formats.

For example, we noticed that in the last few months home decor/lifestyle videos with the keyword “Dollar Tree Haul” have absolutely blown up. So a lot of YouTubers are creating videos around this topic and using this keyword.

Become a master of Tags

Tags are really important for YouTube SEO, they’re equivalent to your regular hashtags on Facebook and Instagram. There are several tools that will display your competitors’ video tags so use them to mirror the tags of the most successful videos in your niche.

Don’t underestimate Playlists

Create custom playlists by grouping your videos into topics. Then include a keyword or several in the names of your playlist. This gives Google an even better idea of what your channel is about and may boost your rankings significantly.


YouTube is a powerful platform if you optimize it for SEO. First, optimize the design of your channel banner and your thumbnails. Then, write comprehensive descriptions for your videos as well include keywords in your titles. Finally, use proper tagging and create some custom playlists to further differentiate your channel from the competition.

If you follow these simple steps you will see more traffic from your videos and more leads for your company.

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