How SEO Can Help Promote Your App

Those of you who have a basic understanding of SEO might be wondering if I mistyped ASO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and ASO is App Store Optimization. When we talk about promoting an app, ASO seems more relevant, and so it is. While we can’t deny its importance, SEO can also play a significant role in promoting an application.

ASO focuses on showing your app on top of the result when someone searches relevant words on app stores. On the other hand, SEO work on all web search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Here I’ve discussed how you can promote an application using search engine optimization.

Increase Brand Awareness

All apps stores combined barely make a total of five million users. Only Google is used by over 1.17 billion people. Can you imagine how much you can expand your target audience? With the right kind of digital marketing strategy, you can attract many times more users with the help of search engines than you would have from just the app stores. Even if the people using Google or Bing may not be looking to download an app, SEO can certainly help a lot in increasing brand awareness.

Attract Relevant Audience

The most important part of SEO is research, based on which a strategy is devised. All SEO campaigns follow that strategy to achieve a specific goal. One of those goals is attracting only relevant people. The people who would be interested in the kind of application that you offer. There are many SEO Reseller agencies that not only provide these services to entrepreneurs but also to other digital marketing companies due to their resources. If you acquire such a professional service, they would design an audience and follow the buyer’s journey to attract your prospects.

Direct Traffic to App Store

Another goal of SEO would be to send people to your app in the store. The amount of traffic an app receives is used as one of the ranking factors of app stores. If SEO increases brand awareness, attracts relevant people, and directs traffic to your app store page, they are likely to download and install what you have to offer. With the right kind of SEO, your website will receive a lot of monthly traffic from mobile devices, which can be sent to the app using a single link.  

Get Online Downloads

Though most mobile apps are found and downloaded from app stores, it’s not uncommon to get them from another platform, especially when it’s the official website. The main goal is to get app installs, whether from app stores or search engines. While you can promote your app on the store, you can have people download it directly from the website as an option.

Engage Current Users

Retaining customers is just as important as attracting them. While the user interface and app updates you provide have the most crucial role here, the blog section is a great way to engage your audience. You can use the latest news and tips and trip to keep them connected.

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