A Guide into Some of the Unique Requirements of Web Design in 2017

The usage of the internet has increased so much that nowadays getting a link to a website is taking time.  It may be due to overuse of websites, poor website designing or default in linking process of websites. Website or Web design starts from the planning of the page layout to its perfect placement on the website by creating the appearance of the web page attractive, its content to be planned qualitatively with related graphics inserted wherever necessary.

The primary source required for a web design is the creativity.  Can a person with only creativity do anything?  To some extent it is correct, but in this website business, along with creativity, the designer has to have knowledge of the market and the latest developments taking place.  There are several techniques of tackling issues in relevance to various aspects.


Requirements for Good Web Design

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The web designer has to first work on the following points and then designs the website accordingly.

  • Relevance to be given to the subject: A designer has to study what is popular in current market situations. Based on the idea that he or she has to design the website keeping in view the market requirements and audience reactions.  It depends on the age factor of the user or audience which helps to increase the viewership of the website.  The designer has to keep in mind what he is designing and place it on a right site.

In case he or she is designing a hardcore business related website, he should concentrate on the age factor that will be more interested in that sort of sites and place the content accordingly.  For entertainment or retail business, he has to target the required audience and the content placed should match with the theme of the website.   Whatever he does he has to take care of the site owner’s reputation also as anything, and everything cannot be inserted on the site.  Whatever he/she is trying to communicate through this web designing should be satisfactory.  This is possible only when the user understands the message.

  • Web design should be user-friendly: The primary purpose of designing a website is to communicate the contents to the user.  If the user knows the content on the website, the working style of the site such as what it is concentrating on, etc.; it is an excellent marketing tool itself.  The website gets popular with frequent usage, and even SEO ranking may increase giving benefit to the site owner.  The web design should be in such a way that a user can make use of the website tools without much difficulty,  or else the whole practice is a waste. The inclusion of Plugins makes the website more user interactive.  However, if the user is not so experienced with the technology of Plugins or is not able to open the Plugins, he/she may get irritated which again will spoil the game.
  • Page layout: The page layout of any website should be very impressive as it is the first and foremost thing the person accesses the moment they open the site.
  • Content: The content placed on the website should be useful, interesting and educative with impressive images wherever necessary.

There is a popular application called “WordPress” that helps the users to create their content management solutions. Mainly WordPress is made use of posting on blogs.  However, other than blogging WordPress is designed in a way that it has features like comments, pingback, plugin, and change of theme.  WordPress can be used by anyone who wants to create something interesting.

Normally once a website is made; it is tough to make any changes to the site.  However, the use of WordPress in creating a website gives the option of making changes in themes, the links or the page layouts, etc. Any user with some technical knowledge can make changes with the help provided by WordPress application.

Benefits of WordPress Software over Others

WordPress software can be installed very easily and the time taken to make changes in the theme is also comparatively less. The plugin facility in WordPress helps in adding new content or mapping with search engines. There are other Plugins available in WordPress which helps in showcasing and displaying images.  Nowadays taking photos has become fashion- whether it’s a function, celebration, or anything else one can find photos made instantly and posted on the website immediately to convey the message.  This sometimes may prove to be costly in other applications, but in WordPress, it can be done freely by using the tools.  One of the plugins of WordPress- Memberwing facilitates in setting a membership site when you want to create a personal website which can be accessed by only the group you want to.

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