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50 Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners

50 Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Have you ever found yourself searching for what should I draw?  If you have been doing line work, realistic portrait sketches, or urban sketching and would like to try something different, you are at the right place. Get your creative juices flowing with this list of easy drawing ideas for beginners and experts.

The only thing you can think of when you’re bored is having fun. It is worth mentioning that although drawing is serious art, no rule forbids us from drawing only complicated things for as long as we live. There are times when simple drawing ideas can captivate you in drawing, and you will find the time flies so fast. In this article, here are 50 easy drawing ideas you might like to try. In addition to passing the time, it will also help you to explore your creative side.

50 Easy to Drawing Ideas:

1. Draw Lines Within Shapes

There’s no need to struggle when coming up with cool drawing ideas. Start with a circle shape, and then add some lines by placing them strategically at strategic points to create simple patterns.

2. Draw Patterned Leaves

Leaves are one of the most common and beautiful shapes in nature. Drawing them is way easier than other complex objects. It is also a good way to improve your artistic skills because it involves using many different techniques, such as shading, contour lines, perspective, and more.

easy leaves drawing


If you want to draw patterned leaves, you can trace the outline of a leaf and then fill in the details with a series of repetitions, resulting in a pattern with an infinite number of variables.

3. Draw Landscapes

easy Landscapes drawing ideas

Drawing Landscapes is a very popular subject among artists. It is one of the best drawing ideas for beginners. It can be done in different styles, such as realistic or cartoonish, and so on, and it is the most rewarding type of drawing to go for.

4. Create a Tiny World

This is a cute drawing idea, just Fill in the blanks with a few extraterrestrial components inside a triangle or circle to create your own little world. You can draw as many of these as you want, and each time you do, you’ll discover new worlds to explore.

5. Draw Geometric Shapes & Patterns

Geometric Shapes & Patterns drawing

We have some great ideas for you if you are looking for some easy geometric shapes to draw on your own. For easy geometric pattern design, you can get creative with different shapes like squares, circles, rectangles, ovals, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, diamonds, and stars. They allow you to be more inventive by being repeated in some way, even if it’s random. Easy drawing ideas cannot get better than this.

6. Shapes:

If you’re a new artist, you might be under the impression that shapes are boring and simple. On the other hand, Shapes are an excellent choice for beginners looking for simple things to draw step by step. Having a firm grasp on shapes is critical as you progress into more challenging and complex pieces of artwork. Sketch a variety of shapes with varying proportions until the motions become automatic

If you are looking for some More doodling and interesting drawing ideas to unleash your inner artist, These simple sketches are easy to draw and can be used as models to practice your skills. There are many different types of fun, and challenging drawings you can choose from, and the whole process is fun, so read ahead to select the one you like!

7.  Wildflowers Drawing Ideas:

As a result of their wide variety, wildflowers make excellent subjects for quick and simple drawings. No matter how you create your garden, whether it’s a simple dandelion with layers of lines or a more complicated flower with overarching details, you’ll love drawing it.

8. Easy House Drawings:

Drawing a house is a lot of fun. It’s easy to draw, and it will make you feel like an architect. Draw the house on your paper. Use a light pencil to draw the roof first, then add windows on both sides of the roof. When you are done with that part, draw the door at the center of it. Simple and quick!

With a few windows and doors, almost any shape can be transformed into a house, which is why drawing houses is so much fun. Start with two parallel rectangles, which will serve as the foundation of your home. Then, for the windows and doors, use smaller squares. You’ll soon have an entire village if you play around with different shapes, styles, and features.

9. Sailboat Drawings:

This simple sailboat drawing can be made with just a few chalk strokes. It only takes a few minutes from start to finish, and only a few different colors of chalk are needed. Starting with a sailboat in the middle of a piece of white paper, create waves by drawing a few rippling lines around it. Add some depth to the waves by blending chalk into them, and then add a sun to complete the picture.

10. Draw an Egg:

As an alternative, create a bowl filled with eggs. With a soft class graphite pencil, you can draw an egg in this way. To create this simple drawing just Outline and represent the three-dimensional shape of the egg, developing your skills in shading graduated areas.

11: Sea Creatures Drawing

sea creature drawing

Looking for some cool drawing ideas? Sea creatures are some of the most popular domains in art, so why not try your hand at drawing one? They have the same basic shape as a fish but tend to be larger, flatter, and more cartoony.

12. Apple or a Piece of Fruit:

Hmm, Drawing apple is the the most easiest drawing ideas. You can draw an apple in a variety of ways. In one method, the outline or contour of the apple is drawn blindly with a contour pencil. Alternatively, you can draw a bowl of fruit overlapping various shapes. These are great ideas.

13. A Set of Keys

It becomes easier to draw something like a key if you break down small steps into smaller, more manageable steps. Breaking up a long task into smaller, manageable steps is one way to do this. As well as making the process a lot easier, it can make it a lot more enjoyable as well!

14. A Pair of Shoes

A pair of shoes could be drawn using a continuous line drawing. Draw the shapes and rhythms that the laces create and the fine detail that the worn leather shows on the surface.

15. Stick figures

The best solution for you all is this for all of those poor people who can’t draw. Creating stick figures doesn’t require perfection. Since you don’t have to do much to draw them, they are very easy to draw. They’re fun to do as well as easy to draw. For example, try drawing a dancing stick figure. Your wild imagination will do the rest.

16. Rain Boots

In order to draw rain boots, you can begin by drawing three vertical lines representing the boot shaft. Add a line across the bottom of two curved lines to form the bottom of the boot. Draw a line at the top of the shaft showing the seam and complete the rectangle at the bottom to create the sole.

17. Draw a Bookshelf

Bookshelves might look like everyday items in quaint pencil studies. Create visual interest by organizing and positioning the books in different ways that foster visual interest for the reader. It is possible to arrange the books neatly on tables or stack them neatly together to create a rhythm.

Cute Easy Drawing Ideas:

18. A Piece of Cake.

A variety of mixed media techniques and tonal techniques can be used to create cupcakes or slices of cake, which children love to draw because this a very simple drawing idea which should be taught to childrens in school. The drawing is easy to make and will be enjoyed by children.

19. A Pair of Glasses

For blind contour drawings and cross-section drawings, common and straightforward glasses are the best. Make sure you convey the contour of the frame, glass, and lens. Pay attention to the reflection in the lens as well.

20. Cloud Drawing Ideas:

Bring back your childhood memories of cartoon clouds. Even the simplest of them are so adorable. You can draw clouds in countless ways, such as adding small raindrops or a rainbow or drawing polka dots in the clouds.

21. Vase with Flowers

It is also very minimalist and adorable to have only one flower in a small vase. If you wish, you can draw it smaller or bigger, whichever you prefer. This vase is one of my favorites, and that is why I have included some lines to indicate that it is transparent.

22. Fence

In the words of poet Robert Frost, good fencing makes good neighbors. I love drawing fences of all kinds, whether they are white picket fences, split rail fences, or wrought-iron fences.

24. Railroad tracks

It is very dangerous to sketch railroad tracks, so I do not recommend going near them, however, you can use many pictures as references and they are great for practice.

25. Strawberry

Drawing a Strawberry is one of the cute easy drawing idea. When you look at a strawberry up close, it’s incredibly detailed, so it’s a great subject for a detailed sketch. Drawing a Strawberry can be done in under 5 minutes.

26. Mushrooms

Approximately 10,000 different kinds of mushrooms are known to exist. You can draw realistic mushrooms or draw mushrooms in an enchanted forest, so there are many options for what to draw.

27. Raindrops

There are so many different ways to interpret the shape of raindrops, for they are their own unique shape! If you’d like, you can make patterns of raindrops or capture realistically the look of raindrops when they fall on a pane of glass or as they hit the ground.

28. Kite Drawing ideas for Kids:

Kite flying is fun! When it’s not windy or kites aren’t available, you can draw a kite! You can choose from so many types and shapes!

29. Planet

When drawing planets, just draw simple circles and lines if you want to have a minimalist approach. By adding tiny craters to the planets, you can add depth. You can also draw stars around them.

30. Hot Air Balloon

You can draw a hot air balloon beautifully and whimsically if you watch them rise in the sky. Getting a glimpse of one isn’t common anymore in real life, but you can find plenty of photos online that you can study for drawing ideas.

31. Leaves

Knowing the drawing parts is crucial if you want the drawing to be as realistic as possible. Even if you just want to make simple drawings or doodles to capture the leaf’s essence, it is still good to know a few basic concepts about leaves to draw.

32. Arrows

Adding new lines or changing the point on an arrow allows you to make different types of arrows. Moreover, if you wish to make them more interesting, you can add lines and dots to them as well. To give your arrows a tribal or bohemian look, you may want to attach a nice feather to them if you like.

33. Skyscrapers

In the modern world, skyscrapers are everywhere, so you can draw various skyscrapers based on what you see. Draw iconic skyscrapers in your sketchbook, such as the Taipei 101, Bank of China Tower, or Chrysler Building in your local city.

34. Race Car

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to race cars. Make an easy race car drawing of the type that you prefer. It does not matter what kind of car it is, whether old-fashioned or a racing machine fit for the Nascar event.

36. Cup of Tea

A variety of containers can be used to drink teacups, mugs, or even directly from the kettle. However, the cup is probably the most traditional way to drink tea. Those of you who are tea lovers may enjoy drawing a few pretty teacups.

37. Ice Cream Cone

A delicious ice cream cone is one of the best Summertime snacks to keep you cool. There are many different types of ice cream, and the cones come in various shapes and sizes. When drawing a cone, there is so much room for creativity that makes it even more fun.

38. Bridge

There are many different forms of bridges, from spanned structures to those that cross over a gap or a barrier, such as bridges spanning rivers or roads. When drawing bridges, you can take inspiration from the architectural architecture of these structures!

39. Cruise Ship

The purpose of cruise ships is to ferry tourists to see the sites and scenes of the ocean coast while on board. Imagine and draw what your view of the landscape would be if you were on the deck or if you were on the beach passing by.

40. House Plants

Whatever green plants you have in your house, such as succulents, aloe vera plants, or terrariums, can provide plenty of inspiration for drawing.

41. Roses

Most people around the world love roses. Their meaning may range from true love to death and are available in all colors and shapes. You don’t need much to draw roses, just paper, and a pencil. Be creative.

42. Rainbow

You can draw rainbows easily using colored pencils, and they’re fun to draw. Colors can be remembered by using the acronym “Roy G. Biv” Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

43. Lighthouse

Drawing, painting, or sketching lighthouses is a simple task because they are tall and towering. It’s a conical-shaped building with a lantern room in the top. Its surroundings are commonly colored in red and white, but you can incorporate ocean waves and enormous boulders for a more pleasing finish.

44. Tropical flowers

There are many varieties of tropical flowers, and each one is filled with interesting details, making them a great option for fun and easy drawing. You can draw these flowers with just layers of lines – a very simple bloom – or a more elaborate bloom with more detail and complexity.

Final Drawing of Cars and Boats

drawing of car and boats

Drawing cars and boats is a great way to fill in some time and get some exercise.  It’s easy to draw, and it’s something that everyone can do. You can also learn how to draw them with simple shapes, which is perfect for beginners.


The busy lives we live rarely allow us time to take a breath or feel bored, let alone take a break from the busyness of our day. If everything is too monotonous for you, then take a moment to breathe, calm yourself, and drink a glass of wine with a pen or pencil in one hand. Then you can make the boring times more interesting with these easy drawing ideas.