Try These Awesome WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Website

There is always room for improvement. And this also applies to websites. Even if your website has a stable flow of traffic, your readership seems to be growing, and you’re pleased with how much engagement your posts get, I bet you can still make all of it better. And improvement doesn’t always mean overall redesign or money investment. Sometimes, a couple of good WordPress plugins will do.

If you’re website is not using any of the below mentioned WordPress plugins, I recommend you give them a try. They come with pretty cool functionality and are bound to make your site even better. Find a short description for each of them, and see in what ways they can be useful for you.

Google Analytics WD



Statistics provide a great baseline for improvement. With WordPress Google Analytics WD you can access all of your website statistics reports without leaving your site’s dashboard area, and get valuable insights in which aspects it needs improvement. Whether it’s your audience, site performance, visitor interests or demographics, sales statistics or reports of your AdSense and AdWords accounts, you can easily access them from the plugin’s reporting page. And if you still need reports on specific metrics and dimension that Google Analytics doesn’t automatically track, you can enable the tracking of custom dimensions and set custom reports to view them at any time. Also, you can set and manage goals for tracking targeted activities and filter out any unwanted data from the reports.

All 404 Redirect to Homepage plugin



Missing pages are perfectly handled by All 404 Redirect to Homepage plugin. It simply redirects 404 error links using 301 redirect,which basically passes all the missing page’s link authority to the new destination. The new destination can either be your homepage or any other custom page that you choose.

Yoast SEO



You can significantly improve your website in many aspects using Yoast SEO. Increased user flow, better site rankings, better exposure, are just a few of the results you’ll get. The plugin prompts you to choose a relevant keyword for your website and makes sure you use it everywhere throughout it. It checks for your post titles, headings and subheadings, makes you insert image alt tags and descriptions, reminds you to enable permalinks, and also checks for post metadescriptions and their length. It comes with a perfect snippet preview feature to let you see how your posts and pages will look in the search results.

WordPress Calls to Action



Make your call to action obvious for your visitors. WordPress Calls to Action plugin is specifically designed to help you drive and convert more leads on your site. With its help you can create beautiful calls to actions,and run A/B testings for your calls, to see which one of them works best on your site. The plugin comes with a visual editor that allows you to implement your own custom design for the calls, and instantly displays the changes you’ve made. You can track lead activities and gather a lot of valuable information.




With Relevanssi you can take the searching functionality of your website to a whole new level, and provide better and more relevant search results to your visitors. It presents search results based on the relevance to the searched terms and not on the latest date.Also, it supports fuzzy matching, which means that even if the search term doesn’t completely match any result, the plugin displays partial matching content. Relevanssi supports Google style “Did you mean” suggestions and searches for phrases in quotes. Its best feature, however, is that the plugin searches for results throughout your website, including comments, custom post formats, tags and categories.

Zendesk chat



Using live chat on your website comes with a number of benefits. Availability, timely support, better customer service, and many other great things. Zendesk live chat plugin allows you to interact with your site visitors in real time and helps you better serve them whenever they need any help.  It adds mobile friendly widgets to your site and lets you manage multiple conversations through the online dashboard. The widgets are highly customizable and blend perfectly with any website theme. The plugin is analytics integrated to help you monitor user flow and usage patterns.

W3 Total Cache



W3 Total Cache caches your website files, reduces site loading time, betters your website’s overall performance and ultimately results in better user experience. Isn’t this cool ? It promises to improve your website performance at least 10 times, and has a positive effect on the conversion rates and site rankings. The plugin also improves your web server to make sure it performs seamlessly during high traffic periods.




You can build and enhance your email list and get more subscribers by using OptinMonster. It comes with an advanced form-builder which you can use to create highly converting pop-up and opt-in forms of just any kind. The form types you can create include, floating header and footer bars, scroll triggered boxes, after post forms, mobile-specific forms, welcome gates and many more. OptinMonster uses a uniquely powerful exit-intent technology that lets you track user behavior and jump in at the right moment when users are about to leave. Also it comes with an easy to use a/b testing functionality to help you to get the most out of your forms. All the forms are responsive and look great on any kind of device.

These powerful WordPress plugins will help you enhance your website’s core functionality and improve it in so many ways.  If you want to make your website better you can pick one or a couple of these plugins without further ado, and enjoy the benefits they will bring. Do you have any other plugins in mind that will help to better WordPress powered sites and blogs? Please let us know about them .

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