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So you’ve been listening to podcasts, and realized how popular they have become. Now, you are toying with the idea of starting a podcast. The problem is that, there is a reluctant voice inside your head asking, “Can I really do this? Where do I start? Would someone even listen to my podcast?” Don’t fret. It’s actually quite simple. The How to Start a Podcast Bundle will help you launch your podcast and captivate listeners.

How to Start a Podcast Bundle

How to Start a Podcast Bundle

You don’t need much training to start a podcast, but there is an art to producing a good one. This course will teach you everything you need to know about podcasting. Here, you’ll learn a whole host of tips and strategies – the right equipment to use, podcast format, video production, how to edit the show and promote it on social media.

The How to Start a Podcast Bundle includes 4 comprehensive courses, with over 20 hours of insights from professionals. It gives you the best chance of getting your idea off the ground.

Podcasting 101 with John Lee Dumas

Podcasting 101

Value: $39

12 Lessons

5 hours of content

Lifetime Access

Producing a professional podcast can be daunting. There are so many technical details and business elements behind running a successful podcast.

This course will give you an inside look at the podcasting process. Here, you will learn how to select the right equipment, find and grow your audience, and edit your own audio.

Whether you plan to interview the most fascinating people or just tell great stories to your audience, John Lee Dumas will walk you step-by-step through creating and distributing an engaging, dynamic, and high quality podcast.

Essential Storytelling Techniques with the Producers from “Snap Judgment”

Essential Storytelling with Producers from “Snap Judgment”

Value: $49

5 Lessons

2 hours of content

Lifetimes Access

Whether you’re a podcaster or simply curious about the mechanics of building a better story, this course will help you connect, persuade, and entertain your audience through story.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to interpret our world. This course covers techniques that can help you turn your idea into a focused, compelling story. Create well crafted stories with insights from producers from Snap Judgment.

Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand with Lewis Howes

Start Your Profitable Podcast & Build a Brand

Value: $79

19 Lessons

4.5 hours of content

Lifetime Access

Podcasts are a fun and effective way for growing your brand, connecting with your audience, and building authority.

In this class, you’ll uncover the anatomy of a great episode and learn the steps you can follow to produce them. You’ll also learn how to purchase the right gear, choose a format, promote and market your podcast, options for monetizing, and differentiating your podcast.

Learn the formula for launching a podcast that grows your brand and makes money in Start Your Profitable Podcast & a Build a Brand with Lewis Howes.

Power Your Podcast with Storytelling with Alex Blumberg

Power Your Podcast with Storytelling

Value: $99

21 Lessons

10.5 hours of content

Lifetime Access

Storytelling is in our DNA. Integrating its principles into your podcast will not only allow you to tell more compelling stories, it will also help you connect with your audience emotionally.

In Power Your Podcast with Storytelling, you’ll learn tips from award-winning reporter and producer, Alex Blomberg, on how to tell powerful, memorable stories through audio. Here, you’ll also learn the elements of a good story, how to prepare for an interview to get the best answers, and how to develop your narrative instincts.

92% off How to Start a Podcast Bundle

How to Start a Podcast Bundle is composed of 4 courses. When bought individually, these courses will cost you $266. The good news is that you don’t need to spend that much just to launch your podcast.

This week on Designrfix Deals, we’re putting the How to Start a Podcast Bundle on sale. In fact, we’re slashing 92% off its original price. That means, you can get all 4 courses for a low price of only $19.

Please note that this deal is valid for a limited time only. If you are interested to get this course bundle, we encourage you to act now. Don’t miss this chance. Get it before time runs out.

Get the How to Start Podcast Bundle today and launch your podcast with the help from experts.

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