5 websites to help you learn website design

Learning to design a professional website is not all complex. In the past, people used to rely on advanced web developers to create a simple website. But things have changed a lot over the past. Think about the simple word press platform. Just by using the basic theme you can easily create a standard website without having too much technical knowledge. However, some of you might not feel comfortable to deal with basic design. But there is nothing to worry about. You can easily become a skilled web developer by using some premium websites.

Today, we are going to highlight 5 popular websites that can help you to learn the website designing process. Read this article very carefully if you want to become a professional website developer.

1.    Udemy

Udemy is a very popular website that offers premium online courses. This website doesn’t only offers courses on website development rather it covers most of the trending course. The best thing about this website is that you can easily choose your mentors. Since the different levels of online tutors are offering courses, there is huge competition among the mentors to offer the best teaching experience to their potential prospects. So, you need to select the right mentor by browsing the features of their website development program.

Some of you might think the online courses are not great and you can’t learn anything about the website development program. But if you join the professional website development community, you will be surprised to see many skilled developers have mastered the website development process by using the course on Udemy. You might have zero knowledge about the website programing language, still, you can learn a lot since you will find many courses designed for the absolute beginners.

2.    SitePoint Premium

SitePoint Premium is a great website to learn website development, app development, UX design, etc. Instead of offering a fixed price course, they have monthly subscription fees. If you pay monthly, you need to spend $15 per month for accessing their premium level tutorial. However, if you go for the annual billing process, your monthly subscription fee will be lower down to $9. Some of you might think using a subscription to learn website development process is not a good idea. But you will realize the money is well spent just by accessing a few tutorials.

You might be a novice or skilled developer, it doesn’t matter. They have covered all the important aspects of the website development course. Most importantly, you will also get access to other premium contents which can add great value to your skillset. And having some extra skills greatly helps you to create a stunning website. Most importantly, you will have the ability to think like professional website developers.

3.    Lynda

Lynda is one of the best websites that offer online courses for novice website developers. Their basic plan starts with $25 monthly and it goes up to $35 for a month to month. Some of you might not feel comfortable with the subscription fee but for them, Lynda.com has free trial options. If you feel that this is not the perfect site to learn website development, you can cancel learning during the trial period. But the professional Fiverr logo designers highly recommend Lynda.com since they curate their students from scratch. If you learn things from the details, creating a stunning website will become easier.

Most importantly the site will be well optimized and you won’t have to deal with the problems associated with the UX design. Being an active user of Lynda you learn a lot about advanced level coding. Creating a website is not all tough. But you need to learn to write beautiful codes so that the site UX design meets the market standard. Most of the time the naïve developers manage to create a stunning website but in terms of performance, it’s worse. And Lynda.com has done a brilliant job by highlighting the importance of premium-level coding.

4.    Tuts+

Tuts+ is mostly for naïve users who want to learn things with video tutorials. They have a wide range of subscription fees. You can either pay $15 per month or select annual billing which costs $180. However, you need to pay $360 to get access to all of the premium tutorials available on their website. Most of the time, the naïve website developers find it hard to learn the website programming language by reading lengthy text. For them, Tuts+ might offer the perfect solution. Being a new user of their website it might be a little bit hard for you to analyze the video tutorial but within a few days, you will realize that they have done a brilliant job in offering the best possible video tutorial for the new learners. Most importantly, you can also get access to 3D graphics and motion graphics tutorials. Those who are looking to learn the website development in a very easy way, Tuts+ might be a good option.

5.    Stack Overflow

Last but not the least, Stack Overflow is going to help to learn the process of website development. The best thing about this website is that it’s free of cost. You don’t have to spend any money learn beginners, intermediate or advanced programming. You can learn a lot of new tricks and techniques from the skilled website developers in the Stack Overflow community. Though its free website offers a lot when it comes to core level programming. But make sure you have the urge to learn new things from scratch. At times it might take time to understand some of their tutorials but you do have the search engine to get solutions to the problem. Many professional developers have mastered the art of website development by using the free resources of Stack Overflow. And being an active user of the Stack Overflow, you will also learn about many useful resources that can help you to become a skilled website developer.

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