How To Retain Customers During Covid-19

Customers in Canada are stuck inside with little to do other than work from home and teach their children. Covid-19 has changed lives in recent history, and people are struggling with what to do with all their time. When looking for a Canadian online casino, real money casinos are plentiful in this growing market.

All this extra time to play has made customers sensitive to their experiences with online companies. Are they getting enough excitement out of your online site? Is it enough to keep them playing?

The benefits of customer retention are numerous. It’s cheaper to keep your existing customers happy rather than acquiring new ones. Return customers are likely to recommend your business to their friends.

Stay In Touch

If you’re wondering how to retain customers online, an excellent method is to stay in touch. A customer that thinks about your business is a customer who is more likely to return. Emails are a brilliant way to keep customers informed about games or improvements. 

Staying in touch is a brilliant customer retention strategy because it is so simple. Periodic emails informing of big wins or bonuses can encourage returning players.

Social Media Is Your Friend

Social media can be one of the most vital tools in your customer retention strategy toolbox. Your social media pages are an effective method to reach customers. Creative ads that advertise your bonuses and rewards draw customers to your website. 

Another use of social media as part of your customer retention model is to create posts that encourage interaction. Content designed to promote interaction with Canadians on online casinos for real money could be as simple as a contest for free spins. 

Loyalty Programs

One of the most commonly employed customer retention models is the loyalty program. An excellent use of customer retention strategies would be to offer players incentives to deposit and play. Online casino expert Lucas Goldberg has dedicated his time to establishing the legitimacy of casinos and their features.

The excitement of working towards the next goal is an adrenaline rush. Redeeming points earned through transactions and wagering create positive experiences for the player. Happy players are going to tell their friends about their experience. 

Correct The Pain Points

A pain point is a specific issue that affects customers. These issues could be anything from minor irritations to significant problems. It’s critical to correct these issues so that your customers remain positive about your brand.

Identifying and correcting customers’ pain points is an effective method of customer retention. The reviews of your site will inform you of the issues that customers are experiencing. Analyzing the data will help you understand the problems so you can correct them.

Get Personal

Customers receive many messages from the services they use. So it’s an excellent customer retention strategy to make your communications stand out from the rest. Tailoring your connection to your customer’s history and preferences forges a rapport and encourages action.

Even something simple like including their name or advertising their most enjoyed games can go a long way. Gearing their advertisements towards the games they enjoy playing reminds them of their past experiences. Throwing in an ad for similar games creates a desire to try something new.

Respond Appropriately

One of the first things any Canadian playing online for real money will do when experiencing issues is contact customer service. As the first point of contact, agents must be trained and up-to-date on the latest information. A negative experience with customer service will exacerbate any pre-existing issue.

Creating positive customer experiences is a crucial part of any customer retention model if you’re wondering how to retain customers online. You want your customers to feel like they’re VIP so that they will remain loyal to your brand. With customer service representatives that are trained and knowledgeable, customers will feel heard and understood.

Reconnect with Inactive Customers

Sometimes there isn’t a reason that customers drift away from your business. With the majority of schedules changed to accommodate stay-at-home measures, habits change. New routines create new patterns and distractions that can make customers favour other sites. 

One of the benefits of customer retention is getting the chance to talk to your customers. Reaching out to offer bonuses is a great way to discover any undisclosed pain points. Plus, it makes customers feel special to have that personalized conversation inviting them to return to your business.


Hopefully, now you’ve been able to come up with some great ideas on how to retain customers online. It’s essential to have a customer retention model that will give you positive results. The benefits of customer retention are numerous when it comes to growing your online business. 

Keeping in touch with all of your customers will keep you knowledgeable about customer pain points. Once you’ve identified those pain points, you can correct them and create a positive customer experience.

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