How Much Money Can Good Photoshop Skills Bring You?

Creating beautiful visual content for the Web has never been easier with the help of online platforms, which are rapidly growing. With the expansion of the Internet numerous online tools are coming that tend to help, some of them being Canva and piZap, which you might have already heard of. These tools are doing their … Read more

How to watermark your photos in a visually pleasing way

The concept of watermarking your images is not exactly like shades of black and white. Some people like it some people don’t. There are others who would watermark some of their images but prefer not to use watermarking for other images. The general concept for those who are in favor of watermarking is that it … Read more

7 Pieces of Advice In Selecting The Right Website Images

People are inherently visual beings and they are more likely to remember the stuff they see rather than the stuff they read. That’s why people prefer photos, infographics, and videos over just plain text. If your blog post or news article is long but lacks visual material, people will either skip it or just scan … Read more

WordPress Plugins – The Pros and Cons

You have created an admirable site with WordPress. Next, you check out its official plugin directory and install a host of them, as you feel, on your site. It sure seems to be an obvious thing to do.

Wait a moment; is it really a good idea to install every plugin you think fit? Before you install a number of WordPress plugins, make sure you are aware of its drawback. Yes, there is a downside to it too! It isn’t the number of plugins you install; it’s rather the type of plugins you opt for.

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Why Clients Don’t Like Your UX Design & How to Handle UX Arguments

Being a UX designer isn’t always about getting compliments and getting credit for your great work. Sometimes, you have to cope with the feedback and criticism of difficult clients. Let’s discuss the reasons why some clients freak out when they see your UX design and how to handle such arguments.   Why don’t your clients … Read more

10 Tweaks to Improve Conversion by 8%

What’s the most important factor that reflects the success of your online project? Conversions. Whenever you engage in a new marketing strategy and alter your calls to action, you expect more visitors to convert to customers, subscribers, or active participants in your campaign. Conversion is the most accurate indicator of your marketing campaign’s and site’s efficiency. … Read more

How Improving User Experience (UX) Can Add More Value To Your App

The successful development of the application depends on a combination of factors, but I think that you probably also believe that the mobile user experience as a whole (UX) tops them all. Applications that stand out in the market are those that offer a great UX. Now, there are countless elements that when applied in … Read more

Why Should You Invest in Responsive Web Design?

Websites are no longer exclusively accessible to users who are seated at their desks, operating desktop computers. More and more users are accessing websites from their smartphones and tablets, which poses a bit of a problem when a website hasn’t been outfitted with responsive web design. What is Responsive Web Design? Image First things … Read more