All Things Monochrome and How To Use It For Your Design Project

The thought of making a project design using monochromatic colors could be intimidating at first, but take heed, because it can lead to a compelling aesthetics and visuals. Monochromatic colors are always a hot concept and work well with different design projects. In this article, we’ll explore the unique beauty of monochromatic colors and understand … Read more

5 Most Important Key Steps To Take Before Designing A Small Business Website

Creating a website has become a precursor, a preliminary requisite to look into and create before you set your business selling goods or services. Globalization and digitalization have become a part and parcel of every economy, trade, and commerce, thus in order to carve a niche for oneself in the flourishing market, one needs to … Read more

Improving The Conversion Rate of The Website with 5 Tricks

If your website isn’t converting, the traffic and the potential opportunities are of no use. To know what wouldn’t have worked with your website let’s understand what your website should have to convert!

Well-designed website can translate your visitors’ numbers into bottom-line revenue for your business. There are some well-defined and time tested factors and aspects that can help convert the prospects into real customers. Let’s have an insight into some most crucial aspects that includes design, tools and format of your website that can help your website convert adding to overall revenue of your business.

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7 Essential Steps to Build a Successful Mobile App

Mobile phones are ruling our modern age. We have witnessed many developments in the field of technology and one of the most notable growths that technology presented us is mobile technology. In the present day, it has become very tough for people to live even a single day without using their mobile phones. It is … Read more

Need to gather and provide design feedback effectively?Here are top design feedback tools at your rescue

Feedback is the necessary evil to create great designs as  “Feedback is the key to improvement.” Why Design feedback is a pain? Gathering/sharing feedback is analogous to numerous back and forth cycles of exchanging long emails, to do lists or excel sheets (the reason i called it an evil). And when it comes to design … Read more

Cool UX Design Trends that will Dominate 2017 and Beyond

With the advent of Internet of Things, the products and services are converging.  The companies need to shift their expertise from selling products or services to selling experiences to develop the sustainable competitive advantage. There are several ways to improve experiences of customers with the brands. Some of them could be personalized communication, increasing the … Read more

3 simple steps for developers that ensure iOS user data is secure

There are various apps being developed using the iOS platform. However, one aspect that is at times being overlooked by the developer community is security. Most of the apps being developed, do not encrypt user data in the right manner; thus leading to security concerns. In recent times, hacking is something that is troubling people … Read more

How To Make Lead Generation More Actionable: Customer Acquisition Tips

As a marketer, you spend countless hours trying to optimise your customer acquisition strategies. It can feel like an imprecise science at best sometimes. However, there are some tips that can guarantee more customers making their way to you. Here are some of the best tips to help you out. Optimising your site for lead … Read more