Social Media Sharing Plugins Ideal For WordPress

Social media sharing is one of the simplest ways to drive more traffic at no cost. Perhaps, implementing social sharing buttons in your blog is the second most popular method after search engine optimization to get tons of traffic. These social media buttons must be elegant and bold enough to catch attention of users.

Bloggers should integrate the social bookmarking and social sharing buttons to their blog posts that allow readers to quickly & easily share contents on the social media sites. This brings more visitors to their sites and helps them receive better site ranking in the search engines.

Impressive WordPress Plugins For Social Media Sharing

Social media is an integral part of an internet marketing strategy. If you are running your business site on WordPress, it would be easier for you to integrate social platform to it. There are a variety of social sharing plugins available online to choose from. The choice for WordPress social media plugins however, depend on the type of social platforms that you are using, kind of content that you offer, look and positioning of social media tools that complement your site’s design. There are various plugins that can be used to promote your site while some are integrated to add social media functionality to it. From simple to the most feature-rich, we have put together the best WordPress social media plugins in 2015.


Top Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins At A Glance




Introduced by Elegantthemes, Monarch is a great social sharing plugin, which is designed to boost social share, enhance look of social buttons and increase load speed. It also allows you to share the counts once they have reached a certain number. One of the best things about it is Automatic-Flyin, which enables you to grab the attention of your readers to encourage sharing. It offers support for more than 20 social networks. Having extremely user-friendly interface, Monarch allows you to show social sharing icons in the floating bar, on fly-in box at each page’s bottom and in a pop-up screen (below & above content).


Floating Social Share Bar


It is a responsive social media sharing WordPress plugin, which allows you to embed floating social share icons with counter on the desktop-based website. Though floating share bar is responsive, but does not show on small screens. Plugin’s latest version   offers social media icons for mobile that will be positioned at the bottom of blog post. These buttons will also appear when readers scroll down the content. It comes with popular social sharing icons along with LinkedIn and Pocket.


Digg Digg


Digg Digg another popular WordPress plugin, which supports various types of layouts, main social media platforms and floating share bar. This versatile social media plugin comes with myriad customization options & integrates with all the social networking platforms. Using this amazing plugin, you can build a floating social sharing bar with right or left scrolling options or even sharing buttons that appear at the bottom or top of each blog post automatically.


Share Buttons By AddtoAny


AddtoAny is a fabulous WordPress sharing plugin, which helps users save, share and email their pages and posts through different services like Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Google and LinkedIn. Its social sharing buttons and customizable platform allow you to optimize your website’s pages and blog posts for optimal social sharing engagement. It provides responsive float sharing icons that are mobile ready by default. The configurable breakpoints make them work well with any theme.


DC Simple Share Buttons Plugin


As the name suggests, it is a set of social media buttons that are simple and load pretty fast. These icons do not rely on any external resource for the purpose of loading. You can insert them below and above the content area, archives, excerpts and homepage. It supports 15 social media services and allows you to edit the text, which appears next to the button. Moreover, you can modify button’s styling, container and alignment. It comes packed with its own widgets and offers 9 unique button designs.




It is one of the popular WordPress social media plugins, which offers 10 distinct social sharing options. Five of them are absolutely free of cost, while rest five are restricted to ones who upgrade to pro plan, which retails at $99 per year or $12 per month. AddThis also offers 2 marketing tools, 8 recommended content tools and 4 follow tools. You just need to install the plugin in your site and ensure that you account has now been activated. Once you are done with this, any changes made to the AddThis account will be applied to your site automatically. For every sharing tool, user can choose size of button, where it should be displayed or where to show share count.


Social Sharing by Danny


It is a simple social sharing solution, which embeds buttons for social sites like Facebook, Google+ & Twitter in the pages, posts and other media. It provides basic options such as defining the Twitter username, changing the text label and choose between 32×32 pixel & 16×16 pixel icons for display.




It is a versatile social media plugin, which is available for the WordPress users. It includes 34 modules and Automatic is continually adding more modules to it. JetPack is simple yet effective plugin, which supports 9 social networks with print and email buttons. You can show icons, text, and official sharing buttons in the home page, posts, pages, archives, search results and media. This simple social sharing solution looks perfect and takes only a few seconds to configure.



Everyone’s views probably differ on what’s good & what’s not, when it comes to choosing social media plugin. So, it is recommended to test the aforementioned options and if possible, review their demos thoroughly. Make sure that you choose the solution, which has everything that you require and integrates perfectly with your website’s design.