Use Simple SEO Updates to Enhance the Performance of Your WordPress Site!

One of the most important issues you may have to deal with as a website owner is how to make your WordPress site operate faster and ensure that it is optimized fully for search engines. You are aware that minimizing the server response time of your site can go a long way in improving its functionality of your site and attract the interest of your subscribers. Experts say server response time (SRT) refers to the time it takes for an internet user to send a specific request via his/her web browser and the server machine to respond to with an answer.If your online subscribers submit a request to open a particular page of your website and it takes too long to complete this task, they can lose their patience. They can even think of moving over to the next site. This can eventually lead to a decrease in online traffic to your site and a loss of revenue.

Two steps to make WordPress Faster


Before you take necessary steps to reduce the server response time of your WordPress website, you need first to check its present speed. This will give you an idea of what you need to do to address the issue. Search engine experts explain that there are some convenient tools you can use to determine your website’s present speed. These include GTmetrix Pingdom, Uptime Robot and PageSpeed from Google. They go on to say that the server response time of your site should be within the range of 350. They point out the following two significant steps you should take to improve the speed of your WordPress website:

  1. Select a reliable host provider

Server engine professionals state that your website may take too long to respond to the requests of your subscribers because you are hiring the wrong web host. You need to ensure that the host provider you opt to hire should take necessary steps to minimize the response time of your WordPress website.

  1. Install caching plugins

These specialists go on to explain that installing necessary caching plugin is an ideal way to reduce the server response time of your website. The function of these tools is to save hypertext markup language (HTML) file your site automatically generates when an online user uploads or downloads it. Whenever your online user sends such a request, the plugins will just serve the caching files and relevant data. To ensure your websites operates optimally at all times, these plugins even compress your site’s cascading style sheets and JavaScript files.

Simple SEO Updates To Accelerate The Speed Of WordPress Sites 


When it comes to WordPress, you will find that many businesses and people like using it for its simplicity. Moreover, the interface is search engine optimization friendly, and this goes a substantial way to improve the organic search results of your business on the Internet. However, it is imperative for you to ensure that you frequently update to reduce server response time of your WordPress site.With the aid of regular SEO updates, you can not only improve the server response time, but you can also enhance the performance of your WordPress website for your business as well. The following are some additional tips to help you improve your WordPress site to make it efficient and appealing when it comes to search engine results and performance-

  1. Download SEO plugins 

    When it comes to making your WordPress website faster, you will find there are many SEO plugins available online. This means you do not have to face hassles when it comes to the SEO of your WordPress sites as this plugin will help you get the best optimization for your website on search engines. The most popular SEO plugin that most businesses prefer is SEO Yoast. This Plugin is simple to install and use.

  2. Submit the XML Sitemap 

    If you want search engines to crawl your website, it is essential for you to submit your XML maps to Google. With the aid of the SEO Yoast plugin, you efficiently can download the XML sitemap file and submit it via the Google Search Console Platform.

  3. Always install a broken link plugin 

    If you are looking for SEO success and a good performing WordPress website, it is crucial for you to install a broken link plugin. This will notify you of the 400 and the 500 errors that you face on your website so that you can disallow or correct them.

Therefore, if you are looking for a better performing WordPress website for your personal or business needs, ensure that you keep the above tips in mind. These simple SEO Updates help you to get the optimization that you deserve when it comes to the active promotion and marketing of your brand. Ensure that you hire SEO experts if you are not able to evaluate the performance of your WordPress website. They will check the site and give you reports and data to take action necessary for success!

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