20 Flat Design Themes That Will KickStart Your New Site

20 Flat Design Themes That Will KickStart Your New Site

How to make your website look hot and trendy virtually overnight?

You may be wondering if that is even possible, and the answer is yes. If you want to use the freshest ideas and trends in web design on your own website, revamp it with a flat design theme, and if you don’t want to spend much time and money on that – go for a ready-made one.

Flat design is one of the hottest trends recently, picked up and popularized by the latest versions of Windows and iOS. Removing complicated shadows, textures, and gradients, flat design drives attention to the content rather than visual effects – which is just what you want for a website.

Your hands might already be itching to redesign your website in this brand new style, but you don’t want to get involved in the time-consuming and tiresome process of creating a new web design, let alone spending thousands of dollars on it. The best thing is that you don’t have to: with one of the twenty flat designs that we have selected for this post, you can have a trendy website in just a few days, and your expenses will be far less than with a custom-created design theme.

Developed for content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, or OpenCart, or universal for any other website, these templates let you do the following:

Make Your Website Mobile-Ready

The reality is that mobile traffic is growing each day, and with your old website you may have missed it – non-responsive websites are not very handy to browse on a smartphone. With one of the mobile-compatible themes, your website will look great and be user-friendly on any mobile device.

Tweak the Design to Your Liking

All themes are flexible and easily customizable, so you can do plenty of tweaks to get a unique look and make the design meet the needs of your website.

Get Free Stock Photos

All the images these templates use are licensed and included in the price of a design. So along with a theme you receive the stock photos that you can use on your own website.

Get 24/7 Support

The source of these themes, TemplateMonster.com, is one of the biggest and most reputable design resources online. As its customer, you will receive 24/7 support and optional customization and installation help.

Ready to pick a hot new theme for your website? Let’s have a closer look at these flat design templates.


Motoraces – Biker Club Mobile-Friendly Website Template

This trendy big design looks very dynamic thanks to the photos in the big lightbox, and the color combination gives it a fresh and pleasant look. It’s perfect for a new website of a biking club.


Details Demo


Management Pros – Management Agency Joomla Theme

This elegant responsive design is rich in content and will make a professional and informative website for a management agency.


Details Demo


Colorful Triathlon Theme – Cycling Responsive Website Template

This big-resolution theme offers plenty of space and color, using bright cyan and big colorful elements. It’s a great choice for a brand new triathlon or cycling club’s website.


Details Demo


Photo Works – Photographer Portfolio Mobile-Compatible Joomla Design

With its balanced combination of light space and bright colors with flat icons, this design has a modern look and will be perfect for a photographer’s portfolio.


Details Demo


Professional Sound – Recording Studio Responsive Website Template

Combining dark subdued colors with dusty red, this design looked stylish and somewhat techy – it should work well for a recording studio.


Details Demo


Clean & Original – Family Psychologist Mobile-Ready Website Design

This light and spacious design is livened up with pretty photographs and several pleasant colors, while flat icons in the header menu make it more original. It’s a great theme for a family psychologist.


Details Demo


Creative Portfolio – Photographer Portfolio Website Template

With its background and the “hidden” header menu, this creative design draws maximum attention to the portfolio works, which are nicely presented in the grid. It’s perfect for a photographer’s or designer’s portfolio.


Details Demo


Sports Portal – Sports News Responsive Website Design

With a background that imitates a football field and various elements for news and information, this theme is a great choice for a news portal that covers sports.


Details Demo


Progressive Business – Marketing Agency Responsive Website Template

Combining shades of gray with light blue, this spacious design looks clean, and flat icons make it trendier. It’s a great option for a young and progressive marketing business.


Details Demo


Delicious Barbecue – BBQ Restaurant Mobile-Ready Website Theme

This design looks stylish and appetizing, with a nice photo for a background and a tasteful combination of ash gray and dusty orange. It’s a perfect theme for a barbecue restaurant.


Details Demo


Future of Business – Business School Responsive Website Template

Light, with small fonts and plenty of space, this design looks very clean and is brightened up with attractive photos in the lightbox and the grid. It’s a good choice for the website of a business school.


Details Demo


Stylish & Pure – Outsourcing Company Mobile-Friendly Website Theme

With lots of white, light blue, minimalistic flat icons, and edited photos, this design looks clean and even pure. It’s a stylish choice for the website of an outsourcing company.


Details Demo


Politics Online – Political Candidate Responsive Website Design

This flat big-resolution design has a modern look, but with a classic color scheme, it remains professional. It’s a perfect option for the web page of a political candidate.


Details Demo


Stylish Cafe – Cafe And Restaurant Mobile-Compatible Website Template

The big and stylish design uses lots of white in combination with pleasant coral, and the flat icons and interesting menu elements make it more original. It’s perfect for the website of a modern restaurant or cafe.


Details Demo


Classy Interiors – Interior Design Responsive Website Theme

Big square elements and a reserved color scheme make this template stylish and classy. It will work well for the website of an interior design studio.


Details Demo


Kitchenware Store – Knives That Cut OpenCart Template

This responsive ecommerce theme with an attractive background and flat elements will be perfect for an online store that sells kitchenware.


Details Demo


Fuel Business – Gas & Oil Responsive Website Theme

The shades of gray and the photos give this design a technology-related look, while its big resolution and flat icons make it trendy. It will make a great new website for a gas and oil business.


Details Demo


Tasteful Apartments – Renting Agency WordPress Theme

This design offers a lot of white, combined with softly colored photos and simple elements. It’s a tasteful choice for the website of an apartment rental business.


Details Demo


Safe Home – Locksmith Website Template

This simple design uses a minimum of elements and big robust fonts. It looks modern and will be great for a security systems business.


Details Demo


Biking Fans – Biking WordPress Theme

With its big dynamic photos and flat icons, this clean responsive theme will make a great website for a biking club or business.


Details Demo


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  • nice collection, i really like it

  • Tim

    Unfortunately, most of these themes look the same. The only thing changing are the photos. Such is the case with flat themes. No character. Just a bunch of rectangles on a solid background, with the occasional photo thrown in. The web is becoming boring.