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How to Create a WordPress Theme?

So, you are a newbie to designing websites and yet to know the tricks of the trade. You have always wondered how the websites look so beautiful and well designed. Well, the reason behind that is the theme and if you want to go deeper, then you have to thank the tool that helps to […]

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8 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use WordPress

Although the concept of a content management system (CMS) must have arrived in this world earlier , WordPress was officially launched in 2003 as a blessing for a majority of individuals. A content management system allows you to develop a blog or website without having to learn advanced computer languages like C++ or coding. Knowing […]

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Proven Ways to Improve Traffic of Your WordPress Blog

Building a website is only half of the work. If you have specific goals to accomplish you’ll still have to put a lot of efforts into it. The key to reaching all of your goals , whether it’s to improve conversions, boost your sales, or engage your visitors, is generating traffic. In fact, traffic is […]

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5 Powerful WordPress Security Plug-ins You Need to Download

WordPress offers designers and developers the incredible creative freedom to produce aesthetic, functional and exciting websites. It has launched companies and businesses to a whole new level of global visibility and afforded many workers the opportunities for entire careers based around the platform. However, no matter how well-designed, perfectly crafted and visually pleasing your site […]

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Try These Awesome WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Website

There is always room for improvement. And this also applies to websites. Even if your website has a stable flow of traffic, your readership seems to be growing, and you’re pleased with how much engagement your posts get, I bet you can still make all of it better. And improvement doesn’t always mean overall redesign […]

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