9 Free Plugins to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2016

Plugins or extensions can extend the features as well as the functionality of WordPress website. Therefore, some plugins are indeed helpful to boost site speed further. This post illustrates some essential plugins used in 2016 for site speed enhancement.

If you want to take all these measures to boost your WordPress website speed, as a site owner you can do it with appropriate WordPress plugins and some help from WordPress developers.

Therefore, let us take a review of some useful plugins to speed up your WordPress site loading.


Before doing anything on speed up your page loading, you must have insights that how your website is performing and how much it is slower. In this regard, you can use a free tool developed by Google. It is…

No.1: Google Page Speed Insight


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It is a very helpful tool as it gives you a grade for your website speed and some tips to boost the speed based on the performance analysis. It gives you a list of issues along with suggestions and some tips regarding your website speed.

However, it is not possible to follow all instructions practically, but two-thirds are under your control and logical in a sense to implement.

No.2: Tools.Pingdom.com


Image Source:www.Tools.Pingdom.com

It is free of charge tool available to analyze your website. It generates a waterfall chart and a list where you can find your assets’ load time. Assets in the list include images, CSS, JavaScript, and multimedia content.

Thus, you can get perfect ideas like where is a bottleneck and how intense it is. The overall picture can help you to improve your site speed quickly and cheaply.

Plugins for Image Optimization

No.3: WP Smush.it


Image Source:www.wordpress.org

We know images are an integral part of the visual content on the web today. If we handle images improperly, it may toll us in reduced loading and interaction speed. WP Smush.it can compress the images and apply appropriate image format for your WordPress site.

It integrates API with WordPress site during installation and helps you optimize images automatically without losing appearance at all. It reduces the image file size and strips Metadata from the images, as well as remove the unused colors from the indexed images.

No.4: Karken


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It”s an intelligent API that supports the majority of formats like: JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats by applying lossless as well as lossy image compression schemes. It saves your bandwidth cost and storage cost by keeping images in its infrastructure after processing the images. Therefore, it is paid, but worth the quality and services it provides.

Plugins for Code Optimization

No.5: Better WordPress Minify


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We know in-line CSS and JavaScript codes are proven hurdles in the site speed. Therefore, experts suggest their locations at different places. For instance, many believe that placing JavaScript at footer and CSS in header will speed up site loading.

Therefore, Better WordPress Minify plugin can help you to do so in custom ways. As the name of the plugin suggests, it minifies the CSS and JavaScript files to boost loading of web pages further.

No.6: Autoptimize


Image Source:www.wordpress.org

It joins scripts and styles, minify it, and compress all to cut the time and burden of data transfer. It can move scripts and style sheets to appropriate places to make pages lightweight and faster.

It also uses expire header functionality. Therefore, browsers are caching the files of the site and reduce the burden of frequent download from the server. Hence ,it improves site loading speed.

HTTP Requests

Frequent HTTP requests is a big deteriorating factor in cutting of site speed. There are many ways to minimize HTTP request and caching as well as lazy loading techniques are worth to mention.

No.7: W3 Total Cache


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We know that caching mechanism reduces the load on the web server by avoiding web page generating process carry from the scratch. Cache keeps the copies of web pages of your site, which are getting frequent requests.

Thus, indirectly it reduced overall HTTP requests to the core source code of the website and served the stored pages quickly. Therefore, statistically, this plugin improves your site performance 10 times more.

For dynamic content loading, this plugin stores images, CSS, JavaScript, and other multimedia content files and serving, as per requests, by saving a lot of loads on the processing power of servers.

It can be integrated with CDN services for advanced performance. However, the configuration of W3 Total Cache is not so easy and demands some basic knowledge of WordPress coding.

No.8: BJ Lazy Load


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It uses placeholders for heavyweight content like images, audios, and videos. Therefore, actual loading of such content takes place whenever it’s needed, or some intended actions are taking place.

Therefore, loading of images and other content take place only when you scroll that part of web page. It saves frequent HTTP requests as well as processing power consumption of servers and boosts the page load speed with good UX and usability.

No.9: WP-Optimize


Image Source:www.wordpress.org

WordPress extensively uses its database to store multiple things such as pages, posts, comments, drafts, revisions, trash, and many things from the different plugins. Therefore, database optimization works the best to improve the overall performance of the site including site load speed and other things affecting UX.

WP-Optimize plugin helps you declutter and sanitize your database by unnecessary posts, pages, comments, trash items, and other things to remove hurdle in essential processes.


Besides the plugins mentioned above, many other key plugins directly or indirectly contributing to site speed improvements, but you need to choose a few only and the most suitable according to the type and nature of your WordPress website.

Therefore, it is advisable to take the help of experienced and expert WordPress developers or a team working in a reputed WordPress development company so you can get whatever you want with the least efforts and investment.

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