9 Admin Themes To Enhance Your WordPresss Dashboard

WordPress is the leading Content Management System today. Part of its great success is due to the WordPress community. This community provides an endless stream of themes and plugins, taking the experience to a new level every time. There is a broad range of themes in their library, but all of those themes are geared to the front-end, what about the back-end?

Since some of the more recent WordPress updates we have the ability to easily customize the admin interface, but the features are still very limited. Luckily a many developers noticed this problem and made some cutting edge WordPress Admin Themes. These themes are available as plugins for an easier install. Finally there is an easy way to offer your clients a custom dashboard to match their brand and deliver an experience that will suit their needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Premium and free WordPress Admin Themes.





Unlike most admin themes, WPShapere has a dedicated interface for customizing your admin theme, no coding required. The theme is loaded with features such as hiding certain menus, sort the menu items, rename them, edit the icons, Customize dashboards, Create new widgets and much more. The plugin comes with 16 premade themes to choose from and you have the ability to set your own color theme. Another notable feature is multi-site functionality and RTL compatibility, the perfect way to manage your network’s look.

WPShapere is a perfect base to fully customize the WordPress’ admin section.

Retina Press


Retina Press is a stays close to the default dashboard look. That makes it great for quick and simple color branding for existing client sites because the known structure stays intact. With Retina Press you can overwrite WordPress’ custom theme colors and pick your own to match a brand. You can also add your own company logo on the WordPress login page. This plugin will also support multi-site functionality. And as the name already stated, it works seamlessly on mobile displays!


Blue Press


This Facebook-inspired theme could be a great fit for social WordPress sites. Blue Press comes with multiple preset color schemes (Blue, Turquoise, YellowGreen, DarkOrange, Violet, FireBrick) to match your brand. Just like most of the themes it supports a custom login page, the option to change icons in the admin menus and multi-site functionality.


Modern Admin


Modern Admin is flat retina-ready theme for your WordPress admin area. It is matches the Windows 8 look & feel and totally fits in the current design trends. It has 5 color schemes included, a custom login form, configurable menus and customizable dashboard icons. It also comes with multi-language support, handy for international clients.


Micropanel 2


Micropanel 2 is one of the most minimalistic options currently available. It’s a welcoming change to the default administration theme. Micropanel 2 is responsive and also does support multi-site functionality.


Helios Solutions


Helios Solutions is a free alternative to the premium admin themes we’ve mentioned. The plugin has a limit in customizations, but it comes with a bundle of preset themes. You can change font colors, the navigation menu colors, and the post and page form colors. Helios Solutions is a good way to get started, but limited.


WP Brand Identity


As the name already states, WP Brand Identity’s goal is offering a custom admin area that matches your brand. The biggest and more unique feature is the login page customization. You can easily add your logo, change the background and style the login form. You wouldn’t even notice you’re logging in to WordPress.




Forest has a unique style which could be compared to the translucent iOS 8 design. The biggest feature is the ability to change the background of the admin dashboard and log in page. Adding your own background image can instantly change the whole mood of the page with little effort. You can also use Google Fonts to change the overall font of your admin area. This all is entirely retina-ready.




CrispAdmin is made to change your color scheme fast and easily. The default structure of WordPress stays, but you get more control on the color of every element. Another noteworthy feature is the usage of CSS3 for simple UI animations. This makes it lightweight and more appealing to use.


WordPress is the system of choice for building client websites by many developers, therefore the back-end part becomes more important to impress your clients. A custom Admin Theme for WordPress will help you do just that.