10 Useful Ways to Use WordPress Besides Blogging

WordPress is a familiar CMS (Content Management System) that most of us use for blogging. A very small amount of people know that there is a lot more than just blogging that WordPress can offer. And why’s that?


Most bloggers prefer to keep it simple and use WordPress for blogging. They don’t bother to look beyond or peep inside the open source, self-hosted blogging solution that offers much more than just blogging. Being a CMS platform, WordPress could be used to do almost exactly what you would do with a website. Let’s have a look at them one by one. I have shortlisted the 10 best things you could do besides blogging with WordPress:


1. How about a static website?

Now, when people ask if it is possible to create a static website with WordPress, I nod in affirmation. One can undoubtedly create a static website using WordPress and get to play with a whole lot of plugins and themes. Plus, it can be set up real quick.

In about a few minutes, a static WordPress website can be created, including initial setup options and database, followed by customizing the site with a theme and adding a contact form with a simple plugin. The job can be simplified with another plugin helping you generate an XML sitemap to let at least 3 major search engines know about your site.

‘It’s amazing how small plugins play a vital role in shedding some load off our shoulders.’

Now, how much extra an HTML coding site would take to get the job done; frankly speaking, it will take a lot of time! Also, it would require additional scripts for the sitemap and contact form. Either ways, WordPress is a better option.

Another thing that you probably didn’t know is that you could create a 10 page static website with WordPress for your clients and give them a login ID, which later can be used by them to make changes or add more pages to the site.


2. A Classified Site

With the help of this WP Classifieds WordPress plugin, you could create a classifieds site for your business. The plugin provides full features, including the date a classified was posted, the number of views and the submit form. Posting ads is simple as account creation is not mandatory; spam is prevented with captcha image with all pages providing RSS links.


3. Make a Picture Gallery

It might sound a bit vague, but you could actually use your WordPress to display events, seminars or any occasion with the help of images, rather than spending a fortune asking online photo sites to manage your pictures. Of course, the latter sounds a waste. So, consider your own WordPress site for the same.

You could try your hands on a few WordPress photo management plugins including NextGen Gallery, Page Flip Image Gallery and Lazyest Gallery Plugin.


4. Consider making a Review site

This could be a really nice idea. Consider making a review site with your CMS partner, WordPress. Though there are many sites out there talking reviews and giving opinions, you could try this besides using WordPress for blogging. This can be done with running pages too. Decide what would be the set-up of your site and make some room for reviews as well, using some plugins.

Try Review Box plugin to inculcate a review box to your pages or posts.


5. Forum Discussions

Now, we are taking all the possible alternatives to just blogging and we can’t leave forum discussions aside. Forum is definitely a great source of content via enthusiastic people wanting to offer help on the choice of their topics, which they have an expertise of.

Before I started writing this, I went off to talk to WordPress users. Leaving a rare amount of population, nobody really knew that they could create a full-fledged forum with WordPress. There’s this famous plugin called Simple Press Forum that can be used to create an entire forum within WordPress, throwing more features than any other stand-alone forum.

6. Plugin for Aggregation

Even though this is the most abused plugin of all in WordPress, yet it can be used for good. It could give your regular visitors a good chance to keep-up with RSS feeds while, of course, giving you the possibility to aggregate your titles, excerpts, links etc for your readers, or even for yourself.

7. Create a Membership Site

You can find numerous reasons to make a membership site, giving access to only existing members to the discussion or the site. Many love to have such a platform, especially club or community owners. The plugin that’s used to create such a site is Memberwing.

Then there’s WP Private, which can be used to keep things simpler. This plugin would restrict registered users from accessing certain content, though the plugin excels in hiding only content and refuses to manage payment options.

8. Try creating a Directory

Directories are still looked upon for better and more categorized results. However, website owners look up directories for building links, getting traffic, and building a good reputation of a site.

Many know that most directories run on custom PHP scripts. That sounds like a lot of work. What many don’t know is that a directory can easily be created using WordPress, without much effort. Okay, don’t be surprised. You can actually do it with the help of this plugin: WP Link Directory.

Use the plugin to do the needful and keep exploring your options.


9. Create an article Directory

You must have come across a lot of online article directories, attracting backlinks and traffic and would have thought of doing the same for your WordPress website. But, due to little information, you underestimated WordPress to be used just as a blogging tool.

What you must know is that you can definitely create an article directory with your WordPress website. You would see a lot of scripts and programs out there making sure you have one. Article Directory Plugin is one such plugin, using which you could set-up an article repository in your WordPress site and continue using other features normally.

10. eCommerce Site

This is a great one! You can make the most of your WordPress site by making it an eCommerce platform. Plugins such as WP e-Commerce and WooCommerce can help you sell almost anything using WordPress.


Well, I guess you’re pretty much full of thoughts already. I did my job elaborating and sharing  things I learned during my WordPress experience. Hope you still aren’t blogging (only) with WordPress. If yes, make your way out of that pesky little box and start working unusually well with the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress.

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