Must-Have Features for Every Web Hosting Service

When it comes to online businesses, hacking is one of the major security concerns. You’ve probably heard about cybercriminals hacking into different websites and releasing sensitive data to the general public.

To safeguard your website information, you should always choose a secure web hosting service. The more the people who visit your website, the more likely you’re going to need a more expensive plan that’ll enable you to manage the higher levels of traffic.

When choosing a web host provider, there are several aspects you should take into consideration. A good hosting service is one that offers the following capabilities:

Secure Datacenter

No one can possibly predict what might happen in the future. Hurricanes, earthquakes, as well as power outages, could jeopardize your website’s safety and integrity. A reputable web hosting company like Bluehost will provide you with secure facilities and other protection measures. Make sure that your web host’s centers are located in areas that aren’t prone to natural disasters.

Uptime Percentage

Uptime refers to the period of time your website stays online, and users can access it swiftly. Most web hosts claim to offer 100 percent uptime, but that isn’t always true.  

With cloud hosting, however, you have an ultimate solution to all your web hosting needs. Not only is it safe and secure but it also delivers a great uptime guarantee. But if you don’t want cloud hosting, consider hiring a secure web hosting service with an uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent or more. The higher the uptime, the less downtime you’ll have.

Manual Back-Up

Most web hosts include a backup feature to help you store your data for emergency cases. And the most popular options are daily, weekly, as well as, monthly backups. Daily backups will make it easier for you to restore your website’s latest version in case the server goes down.

Some companies also offer manual backup. But these types of backup often come with limits. So, be sure to carefully read all backup conditions before purchasing a hosting plan.


RAID is a special system that’s uniquely designed to protect data. In case your system crashes, RAID safeguards your files space against spammers and viruses. So, when shopping around for a web host, make sure that it has a pre-installed RAID. However, it’s important to note that this feature is quite expensive and most plans usually offer it at an extra fee.

Manual Reboot

A manual reboot is an incredible service that’s commonly included in VPS, as well as, dedicated web hosting packages. This feature allows you to utilize a control panel when restarting your virtual or dedicated server. Plus, it’s highly beneficial when it comes to making important updates. Sounds great, right?


Don’t just invest in a web hosting service. Invest in the best option. Look for a hosting service that offers attractive features at an affordable price. A good web hosting service is one that incorporates features such as RAID, a secure datacenter, manual reboot, back-up, as well as maximum uptime.

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