Do Website Builders Allow You to Create a Unique Design?

Creating and launching your own website no longer requires the ability to program and code using languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With the advent of website builders and monthly services available, anyone is now capable of building a website in no time regardless of its purpose. If you are interested in having your own site but you want to use a unique design, there are a few things to consider before selecting a website builder that is capable of providing the necessary tools to bring your website’s design to life.

Compare Features of Website Builders

Each website builder and service widely varies in features and capabilities that they provide to users. Some website builders may only offer pre-made templates with drag-and-drop features, while others allow you to integrate your own HTML coding into blank page templates and to exist available layouts. Website builders may also feature the ability to utilize plugins and other add-ons to increase engagement and interaction with your visitors even if you are not a coder yourself.

If possible, test out the website builder’s interface available from each company or service that interest you. Review screenshots or watch videos of customer reviews to gain more insight into how each of the website builder’s work and which platform is right for the website you envision.

Do you prefer working with a “drag-and-drop” platform when designing pages for your website and inserting various elements and forms of media? Are you looking for complete control over the font, formatting, and color scheme of your layout? Ask yourself multiple questions that are relevant to you when comparing website builders to find a solution that fits all of your preferences.


It is also important to keep pricing in mind when you are comparing various website builders and whether they require a monthly, annual, or one-time fee to use the tool. Many website builders provide web hosting included with a complete package fee, allowing you to customize and host your website using the same company. Compare the pricing between your top website builders to determine the best value for your investment.

Premade Templates

The most popular website builders offer premade templates to help those uninterested in custom website design to get their websites live and off of the ground in less time. Premade templates are useful if you have a custom design in mind that only includes a header image, background, and primary colors you want to implement. It is possible to tweak each premade layout to your liking based on the elements that are available to change (that vary with each website builder).

If you are seeking basic solutions when building a template for your website’s designs, premade templates are ideal. Templates are often categorized to quickly find the most suitable plan for the type of site you have in mind. If you are interested in using pre-made templates for the website you are building, review and compare the template galleries of each website builder you are researching. Seek out a website builder that provides modern, attractive, and unique premade templates that are also relevant to the topic or niche you are talking about on your website or blog.

Implement Your Own HTML

Some website builders allow you to implement and use your own HTML, providing you with more opportunities to get creative with the design you want to create for your website. Implementing your own HTML is most common if you are familiar with programming and coding and it is not always necessary to generate a unique website design when using a web building tool or service.

Custom HTML is useful if you are looking to create text boxes, polls, and other unique elements to help an individual page stand out to your visitors.

Upload Your Website Layout

In some cases, it may also be possible to upload and use your own website design template, depending on the language you have coded with and the website builder you are using. Uploading your own website layout and editing it further using the website builder is an optimal choice if you prefer complete control over all of the designs you create and publish. If this feature is available from a website builder you are interested in using, research the requirements for each uploaded website layout and the type of formatting that is necessary to process and display your website on all browsers accurately.

While using website builders can help to save time when you want to create a website to go live without a professional, they often come with limitations that are not ideal for individuals who prefer to get creative with their online presence. Always compare the best website builders available before making a decision that is right for you and the design you envision for your site.

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