Web Design Startup: 5 Tips To Get You Started

Over the course of my 5-year business consultation career, I have seen many web agencies come and go. Some collapse due to sheer pressure of managing the projects and budget to run the business. And some go out by their own lack of business strategies.

Before you put on your corporate suit and start believing that web design startup may be all bogus; here me out.

Starting a web agency isn’t as daunting as you think. I have established a few top performing web Development Company in Sydney.  And as a beforehand experience, I can tell you that you just need a certain skill set that combines with diligence and tenacity to make things work for you.

So what works with web design startup?

I’ll cover 5 basic tips that will give you an upper hand.

Let’s dive into it.

Start with a budget

90% of startups fail miserably. And one of the common culprits is the lack of budget.

Many web designers and business owners jump too quickly without realizing the ideal time frame.

Before you make your move, you should always set a budget that defines your work management.

Your budget should include all the recurring and non-recurring costs for at least a few years.

You might be thinking why do you need a certain budget if you have a continuous flow of web projects.

Well, the thing about this market is it’s highly saturated and unpredictable. You need to define the cost to meet the cost that occurs during the recession period.

If you don’t have enough budgets to sustain for a few years, I recommend you to save your income. Or at least don’t drop out of your passive income and freelance stuff before your web agency produces enough to remunerate your livelihood.

Build a web design portfolio

I can’t stress enough on the value that an awesome portfolio brings to the table. So what defines “AWESOME.”?

Any portfolio that relates your story and skills in an artistic propaganda can be considered as an awesome portfolio.

Before thinking of starting a web design agency, you should always have a well-established portfolio section that speaks for your brand.

Have a versatile list of projects that range from small businesses to e-commerce websites. If you don’t have any projects to show, you should first hit the road of freelancing. Grab a few projects before thinking about creating your own company. Never hesitate to design a website for free if it brings value to your work portfolio. This is where you think about quality rather than the green paper notes.

A company runs through the bloodline of trust. And a portfolio is one way to build trust with your clients.

Branding should be the prime focus

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear word Apple?

Steve jobs, right?

Well, this is the kind of space Jobs has made in our mind for the word Apple.

This is a kind of process you need to replicate if you want to succeed in this business.

It’s likely to sink under the saturated crowd of cold calling and marketing to generate leads. After all, clients are what ticks off the bills. Quick wins are always good but long term vision is the best route.

And one way to meet a long term goal is through branding. Developing a recognizable brand should be at the top of your marketing strategies.

One way to manage your brand is to have a footer link with your brand name on every website you build. It also ways few more benefits in terms of SEO and referral traffic.

 Never stop networking

Here is the thing:

A successful startup is built by a vast chain of networks. It doesn’t matter if you are the Michael Jordon of leads generation, you should never stop networking.

Your networks are the building blocks of your business. Connecting with your peers and like-minded people can produce business ideas and growth hacking strategies that you can’t find when you are shooting solo.

Attend web design seminars, meet with community members, book an appointment with your competitors, and learn from each of them.

You should never be afraid to talk with your competitors as well. Arrange a meeting with them and ask them if they are willing to offer them a few web design clients in exchange for anything valuable.

It’s all about making connections and progressing through your web journey.

Grab a reseller hosting

This is one of the most common mistakes that I have seen beginners make when they start their career. You should remember this: clients are mostly non-tech savvy people.

So, from web design to hosting they depend upon a technical person. This is where you need to play smart.

If you can grab a reseller hosting service for a cost of $400 per 50 hosted accounts, you can easily make passive income by offering hosting services at a flat rate of $3 per month. You will be surprised to see how many clients agree with your offer.

Also, this system makes it easier for you to control the footer links of those websites. However, the problem of the same IP can cause conflict with SEO value of the website.

Final Thoughts

Starting your own web agency comes with various hurdles. Ones who have the agility and techniques can win the race while others bundle out on tough situations. With the above 5 tips, you can certainly place your business on the map. Do you have any further suggestions that could help the web design startups? Let us know in the comments below.

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