Web Design Guide Even a Non-Designer Can Use

Just like Entrepreneurship, good design principles can be exercised and learned by everyone. If you are a graphic designer who is willing to start his career or a novice who is willing to switch his field to designing here is a quote that can boost up your morale”

“I never took lessons to play the drums. I never took lessons to play the guitar.
I just sort of figured it out. I think that if you’re passionate about something and you’re driven and you’re focused, you can do anything you want to do in life.” ~Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters

Yes, designing is not rocket science. You don’t necessarily need to be gifted to create art. You just need enough passion to learn the basics and play your own game.

To create mastery of anything you need to give a little more time than others are giving. This will make your craft strong. Don’t focus on what others are doing, see how you are improving every day.

Use a lot of contrast

The users might not complain about this but psychologically the background and the font color affect the buying decision of the users. And, the wrong combination creates eyestrain that is difficult to point out at first.

To go with the flow, it is advisable to use black text on white backgrounds. However, it is suggested that use of light gray, green or yellow color can cause the users to drive away from your website. If the users tend to squint to read the text on your website, this means there is a serious problem with the font and background combination.



Image courtesy: www.developer.apple.com

Important content comes first

The layout is the most important information that strikes the users. If that doesn’t align well, it creates a bad impression for the first-time users. The layout mainly consists of two elements, text and images. While it is a good practice to use high-quality images on the website, it is also necessary to place the right content in the front. The most important content should be zoomed out for the customers to notice at first glance.

Here are some examples of good layout alignment that feels good to the eyes.



Image courtesy: www.developer.apple.com


Efficient search is the foundation of every brand. Pinterest utilizes the search bar to show the top pinned items on the front.

You can see that Pinterest creates the hierarchy by setting the search bar on the top followed by the nice grid below. Pinterest is very consistent about having their search bar on the top.



Image Source:www.medium.com

Content lays down the foundation of your brand. The way content is presented on your website creates the perception of your brand in the eyes of the customer. If the content is simple and in-front, customers will prefer to do business with you, but if you place the complex content in-front, it will be difficult for users to relate to what you do.

Alignment should be correct

What good are the text or the images if they are not aligned right. The fastest way to boost the website traffic is to align your data in the simplest way. You can use the grid to align the elements.

Fixing your alignment is one of the easiest and fastest methods to improve your website usability and make your website 10X faster.


Image Source:www.mockplus.com

As you can see how much issues alignment can affect the outlook of your website. You must take care of the alignment once the website is done. For this, you need to develop a responsive website.

Text size with spacing

While there is no rule of thumb for text size. I have managed to gain some insights from my experience at website design agencies who consider text size as 12-point, while for heading it is 14-point size.

For now, this might seem a little bit odd, but if you follow the trend that is working right for eCommerce websites, this is the new rule. Check out any website, or even app and you will witness the same size points.

When you use the larger the size of the font, the easier it gets to read the content on your website or your app.



Image Source:www.mockplus.com

Not just the size of the text matters, it is the space that makes the font readable. Most of the website owners ignore this little detail which makes the website look complex. Check out the picture on the right. How the same text on the left is appearing much cleaner and readable than the one on the right.

Use an intuitive search box

The goal of the website is to make a sale. And if give the user whatever they are looking for with less or no effort, this will make it easy for them to remember you and come back for more.

The search box is the most underrated feature that website developers ignore. Just adding the keywords that will direct the users to fixed pages won’t do any good now. With a consumer smart economy, you need to read the mind of the user.

Just like Google, you need to provide suggestions based on the search done by the user.



Image Source:www.baymard.com

Focus on comfortable design

It is not just okay to design sites that look good, you need to design websites and apps that are comfortable to browse.



Image Source:www.crowdspring.com

What is a good design? The one that gives users ability to get what they are looking for in the front. For instance, a good design is where the add to cart button is in front. Where customers can see it.

Final Thoughts

Good design takes practice. You need to make sure that the design of the website or even the app is easy to browse, and the customers don’t have to think too much about what to do next on the website. You need to make the website design as simple as possible. Once you are done with the design ask people for honest feedback, and based on that feedback make the necessary changes.