Top 7 Reasons – Why Sliders Are Effective in Web Design?

Content Sliders (also called slideshows, carousels, faders etc.) have become an integral part of web designing. Including homepage sliders is one of the best practices for web development. They are simple, easy to customize according to the look and allows you to show your creative side in a relatively compact footprint.

Due to its flexibility, designers love using sliders in websites and users love it because it’s appealing and can promote multiple elements without using much space. In simple words, sliders enhance the site’s outlook and performance and visual experience. Sliders are easy to add to most websites as there are plenty of options available. To every story there are two sides, therefore, there has been an ongoing debate on the positives and negatives of using sliders making users/developers perplexed as to whether using it or not.

We’ve dwindled down on the positive sides of the sliders and here are our 7 reasons to why sliders are effective in web design services.

1. Highlighting Content:

How good would it be if every time we have something new to look at on the site? Wouldn’t it be good each time you access your site, you encounter content sliders in a new avatar? You can take a cue from some notable sites to know how efficiently they use sliders. Its time for dynamic sites and sliders showcase an ever-changing lineup of new and popular articles and videos delivering lots of content and message that changes frequently.

 2. Appearing At The Top:




Most sliders occupy space at the top on the website. This allows more than one piece of content to rotate in and out of the space on the webpage. It’s a great step to greet users with content the moment they land on the site. After all, their eyes first, land on the what’s at the beginning.
If the site interests them, then they may scroll further down and, if not, might just bounce away. A slider allows you to feature several of your best pieces of content along with an eye-catching image.

3. Photo Galleries:



Pictures paint a thousand words. They are more capable of getting your message through more efficiently and effectively. Sometimes, adding too much content can really kill the user’s urge to even scroll down further. Through pictures, you can communicate everything about your brand about your objectives. Whether it’s a handful of full-page high-resolution images or several smaller ones, when you need to display a photo gallery a slider is a great way to do so.

You can use sliders with unique design elements as an appealing homepage element. You can even use a numerical navigation bar as it allows users to browse slides.

4. Quick Navigation:

Sliders also play a key role in quick navigation through the site guiding users to the concerned web pages. Websites have multiple categories for each specific products, therefore, showcasing those categories through sliders is the most effective way to let users check on them without hindering the navigation process. As mentioned earlier, you can also highlight contents and products. Let users click on the right or left arrows to scroll through the images that will direct them to the desired product or page.

5. Show Your Portfolio:



You must have observed that some firms love to present their portfolios on their site. Sliders have become the standard way of showcasing visual contents and online portfolios irrespective of which work sphere you belong to. In very little space, sliders allow you to creatively display virtually any type of work to potential clients.

6. Streamlined Design:

It’s recommended to provide your user with an organized site so that it’s quite easy for users to navigate through the site. You can include a pop-up slider. This is a slider that features one main image plus smaller images the visitor can click on, which will then pop into the slider instead. The pop-up images are linked to the latest articles posted on the site, so the look consistently changes. However, it also has a general design that’s recognizable no matter what the images are.

7. Show Your Creative Side:

There are so many websites on the World Wide Web that people have become a bit cynical. There is a possibility that the visitors might have seen other sites with similar design, therefore, it’s good to do something unexpected especially with your slider. Place it inside another graphic, place it to the side of the page or add something unique.

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