Top 10 Code-Free Website Builders

How many times have you thought about the things you would need to know in order to build a site? Many people think it’s rocket science and you must be a genius in order to create a website. Well, thanks to the evolution of website builders, that is not true. Even if you have absolutely no web development skills you still can create a stunning website in less than an hour. This is called what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) program and has been around for some time, but it was never so popular and so rich in options until now.


In this article you can see a top 10 list with the best code-free website builders from 2013.



It may not be the oldest solution out there but IMCreator raised the bar when it comes to quality and services. IMCreator takes you right into the middle of the process. No registering, no coding, just site building. You have drag and drop items from the easy to access and user friendly menu, you can play with design elements, stir, match colors, and add some pictures. For HTML old-scholars there is a special field in which you can run wild with coding. As for the support, the customer service team is made of professionals who are at your disposal in case you have problems.




Fast and reliable are the keywords for WebStartToday. Their focus is website templates for businesses, and they have prepared hundreds of unique designs for this which can be personalized. The available fields for building websites are: food, art, tourism, maintenance and cleaning, medicine, just to name a few. The templates look like ready-made sites, all you need to do is insert your information. They offer 24/7 customer support, SEO support and unlimited storage.



Another popular site creator, the number of websites Moonfruit is hosting is pretty big. It has a reputation for personal pages and online shops, and the user friendly vibe greets you on the homepage by inviting you to pick a design. After that, you create your site with one click and a registration. Support comes in the form of FAQ and forum.



Wix is a pretty well established builder with more than 35 million sites created as we speak. They are focused on a lot of templates, a good and simple user interface and great SEO optimization techniques. Their basic service is free to use and it is dedicated to a vast category of business, but if you want to spice up your website then you need a premium account.





Web design should be easy and professional – which makes Webydo the complete package. Since you don’t need to know code in order to use Webydo, this allows the designer to put all of their focus on what’s important – the design. With its powerful CMS, you’ll have full control over the design and still give your client access to the content without any interference to your custom created layout.

Webydo offers an easy, sleek integration of an E-Commerce widget for your online store. This is a dynamic and mobile friendly solution that accepts a wide variety of payment solutions, with great stock control, media rich category and product description. This popular E-Commerce solution provides you with total creative freedom in designing brilliant online stores for your clients.



This website builder has firmly entrenched in the Eastern Europe market ever since its startup in 2005. Its main target is to prove that website building isn’t for computer gurus only – their maximally simplified admin panel doesn’t require any programming knowledge. Not only uCoz offers great website building tools, but it also has a solid-rock hosting infrastructure which currently serves more than 2 million active websites.

Regardless of the purpose of your future website, be it a personal page or a business undertaking, uCoz will offer you great website site building tools, and also lead you through all the stages of the process (there are many video tutorials, manuals and topical forum discussions). Using their modular system, you can modify your website limitlessly so the only limit is your imagination.



With Aircus the sensation of new takes you by surprise. Keeping simplicity to a maximum, working in only two colors like the modern web design fashion, big and easy to read texts and not too many overcrowding elements, Aircus has what it takes to merge with the tablet universe. Regardless of the platform, the creation process is same as easy: it takes literally minutes and you can do it from anywhere, even from your phone. The options are not too many or too mixed. This might be a turn-off if you want complexity, but if you want something good and working and most importantly “right now”, you have the right solution. No spending time browsing templates, just putting in practice what you envisioned in your mind.



Yola is a premium website builder, but it has great features. Its strong point is the customer support quality  so if you have no idea how to build your website, their staff can help you out in no-time.  




BaseKit is a service rich in features and different customizing options. Basic membership includes simple templates and a free sub-domain. Customer support includes FAQ’s along with tutorials and video. If you want to contact them, e-mail and chat options are available. The support functioning hours are 9:00 to 19:00 GMT.



MadeFreshly is a great solution for online stores; they have some very great e-comerce themes which are very easy to customize… Right after login in, you can start adding products for your store and after it’s done you can work around the design. Promotion and Google Analytics are included services.



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SD - July 23, 2013

Great list but I would have Weebly would have made the top 10 for sure!

Anna - July 24, 2013

Good collection :) And how about MotoCMS (http://www.motocms.com/ ). It can also be edited without coding.

porselen di? fiyatlar? - July 27, 2013

Thanks for adding Webydo to this list. There are a ton of great ways to build a website now a days, but Webydo differentiates itself because it was made by designers, for designers. Within the Webydo dashboard, a designer will feel right at home as it uses similar tools to other design programs.

Thanks for sharing!

Mira - July 27, 2013

Nice list! I’ve been using IM creator for the last couple of months and it has been great.
as you wrote, it’s very user friendly, the support system is very helpful and the templates look wonderful. highly recommended!

Matt - July 28, 2013

Adobe Muse is code free, easy to use, and has a one click upload to their servers, also exports to HTML, so you can move your code to another hosting provider without losing the look and feel of your site.

Webydo - July 30, 2013

Great collection! Keep up the great work and thanks for adding Webydo to the list! :)

Community Manager @ Webydo

Howard Steele - August 5, 2013

Great post! I’ve tested myself most of these platforms, they offer everything you need to build a nice website.

percetakan Malini - August 29, 2013

Now, Any one can build a website over there. Thank you for sharing.


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