Tips On Creating An Efficient Online Store

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy and sell items. Since it utilizes the Internet, it is no surprise that consumers are capable of purchasing, marketing, and selling various types of products from all around the world. However, just like the physical market, online entrepreneurs need to reel in the attention of their online users to be able to transact business.

To do this, they need to create an efficient and innovative website that will not only display their products in a creative and organized manner, but also make it user-friendly, so that their customers won’t have any difficulty browsing their site.


Why The Website is The Most Important Marketing Tool

Your website is the most important element of your business, because it will represent the face of your brand. It is the immediate media people will see whenever they click your name in the search engine pages. Now, since it is the first thing Internet users will see, your webpage needs to address all their wants and needs (both in form and function) in an immediate fashion. To be able to meet these demands, you will need to consider the two most important factors when designing your pages – your audience and your brand.


Your Audience

In order to generate profit you need customers to buy your merchandise. Online clients however, do not operate like your average grocery shopper. Unlike them, their attention span is much shorter. Once they immediately see something that disinterests them, it is possible that whey will leave your website and look elsewhere. In order to keep your audience entertained, you need to make sure that your website is designed to please all your customers’ wants and needs. To do this, you will need to know your clients both as a community and as an individual to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Who is your target customer?
  • What does your client need?
  • Why does your client need you product?
  • Does your product interest them at all?

Your Brand

Even in the realm of the World Wide Web, a trustworthy source, page, online store, and the like is sure to garner a lot of interested Internet users. And although there is a way to cheat the system, it is strongly recommended not to take the easy way out. Learn to play by the rules because if you don’t, not only will your clients lose faith in your brand, but it is possible that you will be fined by Google.

Webpage Design Tips

When it comes designing an effective web page, people might think that it is a simple click, drag, post, and save kind of process. In reality, however, it is not as easy as it seems. There are numerous factors that companies need to remember – especially if they want increase their ranks in the search engine results.

If you are having difficulty creating an effective webpage, or need to revamp your current one, consider following these tips.

1. Appearance is everything (most of the time)

First impressions are everything, and the same goes with your website. Like what was said beforehand, at a simple glance, Internet users will immediately determine if your site is worth browsing or not. When it comes to your webpage’s appearance, you will have to learn how to balance your images and your text, so that once a potential client opens your site s/he won’t have a headache, and focus on what s/he desires.

2. Visually Fixate your Audience

Depending on the product or services, you will have to put up images to perfectly describe what you are offering. For companies that sell bags, t-shirts, shoes, and the like, having the photos splayed in the pages is good thing because their customers will be able to visualize themselves wearing the product instantly. However, just because an image directly entertains the eye, it is not advisable to upload too much. It will cause your webpages to load slower, and will affect your rankings as a consequence.

3. Be Precise with the Content

Although humans do process information faster with images, it is still not enough to convince your customers that your products are worth purchasing. Do not belittle the power of text because some clients have to be convinced about the capabilities of your merchandise. Also, between images and words, it is the latter element which Google focuses more on (ranking wise). Giving your products a short description or posting a few blog articles from time to time will address this demand, but you must remember that the information you are generating must useful and not just plain fluff.

4. Make a User-Friendly Site

People like it when they get to be involved with their favorite brands. Use this fact as an advantage in order to build a strong relationship with your customers. You can do this by hosting contests, initiate promos, and send personalized catalogues and messages, and the like. Once your website is up, you have to make sure that your clients will not be experiencing any difficulty when they decide to browse through your site. You may want to check all the technical aspects, such as your links, photos, and folders, more than twice, to ensure that your pages are up and running 100% of the time.

Some of the most successful e-commerce websites used these tips, refashioned them to their liking, and have taken their brand above and beyond the online market. Take these three brands for example:

Nite Watches

nite watches

When you open their website, you will immediately understand what product they are promoting. Since they sell watches, they emphasize on their merchandise’s appearance, and light fixtures. With their strong black background, straightforward texts, and their banner that fades and disappears, you are able to get a glimpse of their brand in seconds.

Oak Street Boot Makers

oakstreet bootmakers

The first thing you will see on their site is a photo of a boot. They utilize the same format as the former website (using a few images and texts) to describe their brand and products, but instead, uses a lighter background. This choice of color will enable you to see the craftsmanship of their footwear, each time the banner slides to a different boot model.

Luhse Tea

Luhse Tea

What makes this site different from any other tea related brands is that it used the theme of noir as its basic image. While others are influenced by the styles of the Victorian era and the flavors of Asia, this brand “renamed” classic tea flavors, to fit their overall appearance. Using original graphics/characters they are able to create a website that screams originality.

Design Trends That You Should Stop Using

Albeit, following the craze is one way to keep up with the current generation. However, relying on these trends for far too long will negatively affect your website. For one thing, it is old and overused, and seeing the same format over and over again is quite tiring.


Pop-ups are flat out annoying. Reminding your customers about a certain product or subscriptions after they have said no – and then telling them that they will miss out on something cool – is unprofessional and quite offensive. It will decrease your customer’s overall user experience.

Auto-play Videos

There is nothing wrong with posting videos or audio logs – especially when they are informative or are related to the topic. However, surprising your clients by having them played without their permission is not. You have to give them the ability to choose whether they want to look into the media or not, because if you don’t, it is possible that they will close your website to achieve silence.

Separate Mobile Sites

Yes, making your websites mobile friendly is one way to garner more customers, but you have to remember that the formats of these devices differ from desktop. If you plan to utilize them however, you have to make sure that you customers will get the same amount of accessibility and ease on their mobile phones.

Keep in mind that Google does not recommend companies to create a separate site for these devices, because they can get penalized due to duplication.


Back in the day, making digital images look lifelike was common, but today it is a very old trend that can make your webpages look “cheesy” and dull.



As much as possible you want your customers to focus on one product, so that they will be able to understand the very principle of your merchandise as a whole. Having sliders on your site however, can break that focus. Yes, for some sites, using sliders is beneficial to them, but it can get distracting. If you believe that your sliders are not working for you, take them out and replace it with a more efficient design.



There are numerous ways to setup your website. You just have to remember that creating a page is not a walk in the park. You will have to follow the rules (both offline and online) so that you would not get penalized, but at the same time maintain a strong connection with your clients, through your website’s features and appearance.