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7 Factors to Consider When Moving Your WordPress Site to a New Host

7 Factors to Consider When Moving Your WordPress Site to a New Host A web software that has acquired immense popularity over the past years, WordPress lets you create amazing websites or blogs with its powerful Content Management System (CMS). It can easily be used to create a WordPress website for personal or professional online […]

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How to Design Beautiful Mobile Apps for an Online Store

One can see the importance of the mobile app for shopping in that the projected worldwide sales figure for mobile e-shopping will touch $162.5 billion by the end of the year. And yet there is no urgency shown by the online retailers in moving towards this platform. Only 10% of them offer mobile e-shopping facilities […]

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7 Incredible Tips to Make a WordPress Site User-Friendly

When you’re working on a WordPress website to make it ideal for the nature of your business, there are millions of scenarios where it can either gets wrong or right. Considering these million thoughts can definitely lead you astray and trust me, it is totally understandable. There are situations when you want to have all […]

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Top 8 Tools for Creating a Better Web Design

Web design is a popular concept in today’s marketplace. Today, starting a business without building a website will make you “sit on the bench” while the big players are leading the game. In order to build a professional platform, going for free or even paid templates isn’t satisfying in case you’re looking for great results. […]

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3 Critical Performance Optimization Tips for ECommerce Websites

An online store is far from a  “set it and forget it” business. Successful online entrepreneurs know better. You need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technological advances if you want to keep up with your customers and your competition. E-commerce is one of the  fastest evolving industries.  Customers aren’t willing to wait […]

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Optimizing Your Site With Mobile-First Design

Your website looks amazing. Mobile-first isn’t even in your vocabulary at this point. You painstakingly selected your color palette. You went through at least 20 fonts before you found the perfect pairing to achieve the proper typographical hierarchy. The images make your brand look as awesome as you know it is. Every element is exactly […]

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