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Challenges In Designing Websites For Different Cultures

One of the wonders of technology is that it has opened communication channels across the world. We are able to compete on a global scale against competitors in every domestic market. While this globalization opens up a sea of opportunity, there are challenges that need to be overcome to reap the benefits; one of the […]

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Five Great Examples of Creative Landing Pages

If you are looking for tips on how to create well-designed creative landing pages, you should consider using photos, a simple navigational structure, graphics, colors and effective calls to action. Not only are landing pages ways for companies to market their products, they are also ways for companies to bolster their brand image, an increasingly […]

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The Evolution of Technology and Web Design

The evolution of technology and web design has breathed new life with the introduction of mobile devices and wireless Internet providers. Now, website designers can work from any location remotely with the use of a mobile device such as an iPad. This significantly increases productivity of a mobile workforce. Experts have explored the evolution of […]

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