Mastering The Intricate And Fascinating Nuances Of Web Design

Web design is a much sought after profession and there is a huge demand for good web designers. But other than a handful of people, not many are aware that web design involves both artistic calibre and scientific knowhow. Hence it is associated with both sound coding and a good in-depth knowledge of designing with a perceptively intuitive understanding of how effective a website will be after completion.

In order to be able to do justice to such an intricately fascinating profession, every web designer needs to develop certain core fundamentals. While experience is a good teacher, having a formal education in this field is also a mandatory aspect. Also in order to rise above the mediocre and become a specialist, one needs to be able to:

  • Think out of the box and
  • Constantly challenge and push oneself beyond known capabilities.

Along with the above two, there are certain other absolute fundamentals which every sublime web designer knows, both intuitively and academically. These basics specifically pertain to:

  • Familiarity with the different aspects:  Web design is the cumulative product of a number of principles related to graphics. Hence it is mandatory for every designer to have a thorough understanding of
    • Colour: Vibrancy and appropriate use of colours forms the core of every motif or theme used to ensure the effectiveness of a design. It also makes the website visually appealing, thereby enticing the visitor to know more about the website. Thus proper use of colour results in an increase in web traffic.
    • Flow of the design: The gradual journey of a web visitor through the different pages of a website form the flow of the design. In order for this journey to be fruitful, a designer must be able to perceive the thinking and facial direction of the visitor. Only then will he be able to translate it into the proper use of hierarchy, depth, colour, lines and shapes, thus making for an interesting and appealing journey for the web visitor.
    • Proportion and balance: While proportion can be achieved both symmetrically and asymmetrically, the balance of a website design refers to how smoothly the flow of information can be effected within the website.
    • Spacing: The proper placement of the different embedded objects in the website is of great importance. This is because proper placement means significant amount of spacing between the objects while improper spacing can result in a claustrophobic and shabby layout.
    • Good knowledge of HTML: HTML is the code in which every website is written. Hence knowing the basics of this language thoroughly will ensure that the web designs created
      • Have their purpose defined in a much better way and
      • Pay more attention to usability of the website

From the designers point of view too, knowledge of HTML is extremely beneficial as it

  • Makes them fully understand the scope and limitations of his designing abilities and
  • Enables the designer to create and design demo sites which help to promote their designing capabilities.
  • Ability to create killer site content: The ability to create magic using words is a good asset to have for anyone wanting to excel in the field of web design. Writing, editing and placement of proper words make for a stunning design which will make the virtual shop designed to stand out. This is because:
    • Images and words contribute equally to brand building,
    • Words are important “call to action” tools which help direct a web visitor in the right direction and
    • Content which is search engine optimised has a good probability of ranking high in search engine results.

Excelling in any and every form of art warrants the need for constant learning. With web design, constant learning is mandatory for with every new development in technology, web design undergoes some change making it more effective than before.

Author Bio: Adam Ostopowich is an experienced online marketing and Web Design Calgary expert.  He is also adept at copywriting. These qualities make him one of the most influential personalities in the field of web designing; a person who loves to share his knowledge with people thereby benefitting them and enabling them to score very high in the field of web designing.

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