Keynotes To Make A Good Webpage For Your Online Business

Have you ever visited a webpage that is hard to navigate? Just think about a moment that for how long have you stayed or tried to explore the webpage… surely not for even a few moments. It is because when you feel it tough to explore a business website, you just skip it and move ahead. So the main key point to design an online business website is to keep it up to date, attractive and simple to navigate. Here I am stating a few keynotes to make your business webpage impressive enough to be praised and work for you positively.

To understand the idea completely, first of all you must understand that what a good home page design is?

What is your online business website for you? It is your virtual receptionist of your brand. Your visitors are totally unfamiliar and your website is receiving most of the traffic coming from different pages so you must make a wise decision while designing your webpage. If you are not experienced enough to design a webpage, don’t hesitate to invest money and get it designed by a professional website designer. Your virtual receptionist, your webpage, serves three main purposes for your business.

  1. Gives a clear picture of your brand to your visitors.
  2. Connects your other pages to your website and drive visitors to those pages also. (Back linking)
  3. It gives a picture to your brand, presenting a good logo to your business.

Keep it Simple

Keep one thing in  mind , if you  make your webpages so confusing and cluttered with so many objects, you will definitely make your visitors leave your homepage. So make it simple, keep a lot of white space and make it easy to navigate. Make sure that the font and format which you have selected is easily readable and nice looking. Make the objects clear and visible through labeling.

Choose wisely among various fonts



Fonts are not only the way to broadcast your message to the visitors but it truly has a deep psychological impact on a visitor’s mind. In other words, it carries both responsibilities. At the same time it should covey your message without any difficulty to read and secondly, it must look nice and soothing to the eyes of viewers. Have you ever visited a site which used extremely slanted font or some bubbly one just to make the page look beautiful? Yes it surely looks nice but when you try to read  it takes too long to go through the first 2-3 lines and you end up leaving the site. So make sure to keep your font simple and beautiful at the same time. Also try not  to use so many fonts in a single website.

Work hard on the Above the Fold side

You might be asking what is an above the fold side exactly? It is the starting text, or paragraph, or you may say the part of the landing page which is in front of you without opening that specific webpage. To say it clearly, it is the art of the webpage that is viewed in the browser at first. You may call it a very first impression of your webpage or the highlight of your webpage. Make sure that part is impressive enough. Capturing and engaging that forces the reader to open your webpage and explore the rest of it. You must give a decent amount of time to create it as well.


 Concentrate while building your Color Scheme




Keep one thing in mind that choosing a color scheme is a very sensitive issue. Colors can either make your website extremely appealing or  boring. If your brand demands a bold color scheme, go for one but don’t overdo it or you will spoil everything. Just keep one thing in mind that the sharpness and contrast must be up to a soothing level. You can also go for any guide which teaches you the psychology of colors to choose appropriate ones for your brand.


Keep your front page image bold enough to click

Visual effects are always at highest rank among all positive factors that work for your brand. You must choose a high definition, bold and striking image which truly goes with your brand’s functionality. Don’t compromise on picture quality or sharpness. It is the penalty kick you must score. If your front page image is not impressive enough, your webpage has already lost half of its image for sure.

There are so many other tips and tricks which can work for you while constructing your webpage but I have mentioned the most authentic ones. If you work on these outlines,  you are sure to get the most out of your webpage.

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