Examples Of HTML Contact Forms In Web Design

Examples Of HTML Contact Forms In Web Design

It is very important to get input or feedback from a user. Therefore, implementing HTML contact forms in the web design has become crucial these days. If you are planning to design a new website or have one without an HTML form, it is the time to add one. Check a few examples of HTML contact forms in web design.

1. http://www.rxbalance.com/contact.html

A simple HTML contact form that includes fields of name, email address and comments.


2. http://www.awesomejs.com/contact.html

A good example of contact form where the users can place inquiries along with contact details.

3. http://www.formspring.me

If you like to maintain personal details of the user like his/her date of birth, you can use such HTML contact form.

4. http://builtbybuffalo.com/contact

If information regarding the user’s company or organization is essential, such contact form can help.

5. https://carbonmade.com/signup

The example displays image of sign-up form to create portfolio online. Also features general registration fields.

6. http://www.studiochirpy.com

The example displays image of sign-up form to create portfolio online. Also features general registration fields.


7. https://wwws.mint.com/login

If you need detailed contact form in your website, this template is suitable as it has regular fields along with country and zip code information.

8. http://socialdesignhouse.com/contact

Your HTML contact template can be simple like this one. Name, email, contact number and send button.

9. http://golivebutton.com/links/new

If you want the users to upload any video apart from general contact information, such HTML form can be useful.

10. http://www.justalab.com/#contact

The users may want to inquire about your projects. If you put a similar template like this, your site will be more interactive.

11. https://secure.bigcartel.com/signup/platinum

If you are into a retail business, then gathering information about related stores can be useful. Put a form with the fields like store name and address.

12. http://www.toggle.uk.com/contact

You can assure help and proper support to the users by using a proper HTML form. The above template is a good example.

13. https://secure.gaug.es/signup

If your site has any confidential information, it is better to provide a login option so that only registered users can access the site.

14. http://virb.com/signup

Putting any free trial for the users using an HTML form is also a good move. Check the above template as it is a good example.

15. http://soapboxmarketinggroup.com/contact

Let the user submit his/her views, queries of information using such a form. You can place captcha code field for better secured access.

16. http://www.foundationsix.com/contact

This contact form engages user in queries that are more relevant. Such a form helps a user to search information based on budget, scope, time-frame and type.

17. http://www.tinkeringmonkey.com/site/custom-order

It is better to provide free quotes of the services that you offer. Let the users provide details on the contact form so that you can send a free quote by analyzing the details.

18. http://visualrepublic.net

You can use HTML form to let the users request to access your site. Include fields like captcha code and optional messages.

19. http://foreverheavy.com/make-contact

A simple design of HTML form to place inquiry with different fields such as name, email, phone number, website and message.

20. http://www.fakta.se

This type of template is helpful when you take orders for instant delivery. The user just needs to put name and contact to get quick response.

21. http://www.justdot.gr

You can place your contact details and ask for the same from the user using such an HTML template.


22. http://shylands.com/explore/contact

Example of a simple “get in touch” form with the required fields.


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