How To Ensure That Your Product Images On Your Ecommerce Site Work Flawlessly

Running an online business successfully in today’s highly globalized and competitive era is certainly a daunting task.  There are tons of other websites vying to grab the top spots is yet another reason to put extra efforts in the maintenance of an online portal. The main purpose of a business website is to expand the reach of business by catering to a wide section of audience and making more ROI for the growth of business.

When it comes to product focused businesses, the images of products play a very vital role in both the sales and marketing of products. If a website wants to stay in the competition, it is imperative that it provides the best to its customers. Hence, it is important to post the images of products on the website in such a manner that it makes the site visually appealing and attractive.


In order to make this happen, it is important to realize and explore the potentialities offered by basic photographic techniques. These basic techniques ensure that a good product deserves all the attention it is worthy of. In fact, by capturing the details of a product like color, style, design, etc., the sales can be effectively improved to a great extent. When it comes to marketing, photos and videos can really help a lot in enhancing the user experience. Appropriate and relevant images & videos can also help in setting the right tone for the business. It not only lends a professional touch to the website, but also helps in communicating that professionalism to the customers in a consistent and effective manner.

Discussed below are five important ways that will ensure that the images and videos of products posted by you fetch expected results for your business. These are really effective and efficient strategies that guarantee good results. If you pay proper attention to all these things, you will definitely notice the improvement in your conversion rate and sales rate.

Ensure you have professional images and graphics

Having professional images and videos of your products is a must to gain good attention from the visitors. It holds true for both- the site with eCommerce plug-in or a hosted eCommerce platform. One cannot really ignore the power of visual appeal. It is the attractive image that helps instantly in connecting with the visitors. In most of the big eCommerce websites you will find that the ‘handpicked items’ nearly always appear polished and professional. You will note that such eCommerce stores do not put sloppy or unprofessional images of products on display on their homepage.

It does not really require hiring a professional photographer to take professional images of your featured products. You can always consider investing in a light box. If light box is out of your budget, you can always try a DIY solution. If you do not have a high performance DSLR, a light box can be of great help. It will help soften shadows and distribute light evenly for minimal photo editing.

Scale up to achieve accuracy

It happens in rare cases that you read the measurements of an item for sale online. Most of us neglect this aspect and do not really bother about it. With proper scaling up, you can achieve accuracy in the product images. Scaling in photography is very simple. However, it depends on the product. There are some important points that should be kept in mind in order to achieve right scaling. For example- when it comes to clothes and jewelry, they should be photographed on the body or a dress form. If you photograph clothes lying flat or 2-D, it will not help the visitors to determine if it is the right size or not. You must remember that customers are very sensitive to gadget size as well. Therefore, it is imperative to add an image of a model holding the device or the gadget. If you can post a demo video, that would be just too good.

Edit to achieve consistency

Although light box and gear can be of great help, but still there is much that can be achieved with the help of some basic photo editing. With its help, you can communicate the true colors and textures of a product. You can take help of Photoshop or any other image editing software. Now compare the image on the computer screen to the item itself. Consider the following scenario- a woman may want to feel confident about whether the lipstick color on the screen will match its color in real life? By taking care of such discrepancies, you can easily prevent product returns and customer dissatisfaction. For guidance, you can take help of the Photoshop color effects tutorial.

Add a personal note

This is of a great importance. In fact, it is a must for small businesses. Adding a personal note helps immensely in creating a dialogue with customers. This will give a good boost to your business brand. If you consider mainstream marketing, it basically succeeds in tugging consumer heartstrings quite effectively. If you offer global products or services, then you should include a section that tells all about the people behind your business. You can also put their pictures working in their respective departments. There are quite a few websites that have their homepage with friendly and casual images of their business staff. Some even include an appropriate video. It need not be said that this strategy works effectively.

Details matter

When it comes to details, the more you provide, the better it is for you business. However, when it comes to businesses with digital products or services, things like programming, capacity and usability can be difficult to photograph. Screenshots do help but they cannot be relied on entirely. This is where the efficacy of demos like iPhone video comes into the picture. If you provide electrical gadgets, it is best to show a video of someone using that gadget. Similarly, if you provide apps, then show someone using it.

Besides posting pictures that show products in whole, you can also include additional pictures showing zoomed in versions of the product. These detailed images really help a lot in attracting more visitors and eventually turn them into potential customers.

These are some important aspects that should be considered to ensure that the images and videos of your eCommerce site’s products work flawlessly, and help in fetching more business for you. It should be borne in mind that business-to-consumer eCommerce has to rely on big amount of information to communicate product and service details. Effective and professional photographs and videos are the right strategic tools that will not only help make more sales; they will also improve the overall professionalism and functionality of an online business. All you need to do is to ensure that you put in right efforts to have a good number of quality images and videos of the products offered by you. By doing this, you can rest assured that your site will generate more quality traffic than ever before. It will also lead to an increase in conversion and sales rate and also the ROI of the business.


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