Which Design Elements Are The Must-Have For Mobile App?

According to a Gartner research, “The global app downloads worldwide will reach the mark of 268.7 billion in 2017.”

The astronomical usage of the mobile app is an eye-opening fact. When the businesses are consumer-first, then the need of mobile app has turned from an option to a necessity. Witnessing the benefits and use of mobile applications, all the industry verticals are heading towards mobilization.

Beware! Mobile app development is not a cakewalk when it comes to engineering excellent user experience, which stays at the heart of the mobile app. The best UX can be created only when outstanding UI is designed and the right design elements are incorporated in the application.

Certainly, every Mobile App UI Design Company wants to build the app that enables users to discover what they want in less effort, draw the attention to important content, make the navigation self-evident, and make the design adapt to bigger screens.

To achieve the ultimate goal, numerous design ideas arise from the wireframing to prototyping to the upload of mobile application, which muddies the water. Isn’t it?

Here, some of the best design elements which should be integrated into the mobile app are shared so that a fine balance can be kept between the app’s usability, creativity, and performance.

Make the screen accommodate different text length

There may arise a need to include the lists during app designing where the designers have to make the best out of the screen by including text, images of different sizes and aspect ratio. But, sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain the balance when the length of the text is long or excessive information is available.

For instance, the app that has an international user base, then the length of the text in contact list will definitely vary. It will be difficult to accommodate all the names in one line as some names may have multiple words and syllables.

It emerges a UI issue. Either text has to be broken with ellipse or second line needs to be added. That’s fine! But, how about if more names are exceeding the length. The edge cases can be better addressed by highlighting the text with a round design, which makes the interface adaptable to different text length and intrigues the users as well.

Wrapped up the empty screens with right designs

When the user action is pending or system is taking the time to respond, then a screen is displayed to the users for a few seconds. The empty screen may distract or frustrate the users, so the blank slate is designed with the right mix of content and designs to trigger the positive actions.

The pages that appear to be simple carries large responsibility and can be turned into meaningful and visually appealing with the use of precise content, icons, best contrasts and call to action button. It delights the users and leaves them hooked to the application. Populate the interface with designs to get the users back on track.

Include loading elements to make the wait enjoyable

The apps are always designed keeping the performance factor in mind so that users don’t have to wait even for more than 5 seconds for the content to display. But, high internet speed is not guaranteed worldwide, and the content may take the time to load. The loading screen deviates the users and they may leave the app.

Here, the placeholder is a handy solution using pages that can be filled with graphics or icons unless the content gets loaded and that makes users interpret that the page is about to load.

Note: The placeholders should not be eye-catching and covered with predominant colors. This way they remain noticeable and engaging and won’t let the users move away.

Sometimes, it’s good to keep blurred backgrounds.

Allowing the users to easily find their way around the application when they are browsing it, is the shortcut to enhance the user experience. It’s possible when all the elements are well arranged on the interface, and sounds relevant and informative to the users. Here, the display of in-depth content and features with blurred background helps.

The blurred background improves the content presentation and provides the information to the users in a clear and concise manner. It can be instilled with designs especially on the form filling pages.

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Clever use of motion design

The interaction designs which can be created by combining animation with different types of gestures has been largely used in the advertisements, and now, they are making inroads into the app design world.

The motion designs on home page add depth to the content, which helps in uplifting user engagement and making the user interact further about the app. Also, they can be used as screen prompts to present the information that’s easily accessible.

Moreover, humanizing the animation makes the text a conversation and create micro-interactions. They must be implemented intelligently to catch the users attention, or else they become an annoying factor for the users. Keep it subtle!

Shadows and gradients are not dead yet

The material designs which were considered as the best to create the 3D illusion with Shadows, gradients, and textures are again creeping back into the mobile app UI designs company.

The shadow and gradient are the design elements that add the modern appearance to the mobile interface and work as visual cues for the users to initiate the action. It can be used for input fields, pressed buttons, radio buttons, toggles, slider tracks, and check boxes.



It doesn’t matter what type of app you are designing, the outstanding user experience is a deal-maker, which in turn determines the app’s success. Walk through all the design elements to cut out the clutter and add breathing space to your comprehensive app along with the addition of several functionalities. Don’t overlook them, it’s all-imperative.

Now, it’s handy to drive the success to your app. What you all need is just get associated with the right mobile app development company that helps you in engineering best experiences with the implementation of the best design elements. In addition, don’t forget to check their portfolio as well.

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