Five Great Examples of Creative Landing Pages

If you are looking for tips on how to create well-designed creative landing pages, you should consider using photos, a simple navigational structure, graphics, colors and effective calls to action. Not only are landing pages ways for companies to market their products, they are also ways for companies to bolster their brand image, an increasingly important aspect of a company’s success according to MBA Online. The five creative landing pages discussed below offer perfect examples of how these components can be used to create a well-designed landing page that converts visitors into customers.


1.Use Captivating Photos of Humans

When evaluating the design of the best creative landing pages online, one of the easiest ways to design a creative landing page with high conversion rates is to use captivating photos of humans. Whether these photos are of celebrities or emotional stock scenarios, landing pages without photos of humans are far less effective than landing pages with photos.


When choosing a photo it is not necessary that the photo be of a celebrity or an expert, but just a photo of a human. A good example of a well-designed landing page that uses a photo of a human is GoDaddy’s web page. Considered one of the best landing pages on the web, GoDaddy’s landing page would not be what it is today without Danica Patrick’s photo. GoDaddy’s landing page is a perfect example of how using one human photo on a landing page can help boost conversion rates.


2.Use Effective Calls to Action

Both the effectiveness and efficiency of a landing page is determined by the conversion rate. Well-designed landing pages must incorporate one or more effective calls to action. MailChimp’s landing page is a perfect example of a well-designed landing page that incorporates an effective call to action button. Not only is MailChimp’s call to action button front and center so everyone can see it, it’s direct and to the point and instructs visitors to sign up.

3.Create a Landing Page With a Simple Navigational Structure

Another great example of a creative landing page with a very simple yet effective organizational structure is Groupon’s website. Visitors who want to navigate Groupon’s website simply have to choose a city and enter their e-mail address to be automatically directed to the information they are searching for. Although Groupons exist in numerous cities, users are directed to their personal region simply by entering their emails, simplifying the overall user experience. What makes Groupon’s simple navigational structure work is that Groupon makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.


4.Make Good Use of Graphics

In addition to using photos of humans, some of the best creative landing pages make good use of graphics. Similar to photos, graphics can be used to communicate with visitors. Foodzy’s landing page is a good example of a site that makes good use of graphics. Visitors who visit Foodzy’s landing page will not only find the graphics that Foodzy uses interesting they will immediately know what Foodzy is all about. The graphics reinforce Foodzy’s brand image, which is a simple and fun way to stay fit and eat healthy. What is great about Foodzy’s graphics is that they are simple and in some ways an art form.


5.Make Good Use of Color

The most effective creative landing pages online always make good use of color. Icodelabs has a beautiful landing page which has a huge, scrollable graphic which incorporates a visually-pleasing and color-filled world. These forms of landing pages attracts users to stay on the page for a longer period of time, increasing the likelihood that users will find useful information on the website.

When designing a creative landing page, it is important to evaluate what is working for other company’s and what is not. By choosing a simple organizational structure, embedding human photos and making good use of graphics, colors and calls to action, companies will have no trouble creating a well-designed landing page that coverts their visitors into customers.

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Web design london - Evan Skuthorpe - February 8, 2012

short and concise!

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